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IoT Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) vs. XLE: What’s the Difference?

When searching for an IoT asset management solution, companies have many factors to consider.  One of those factors is finding the best wireless location communication technology.  With many options to consider, such as UWB, WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), and more, it can be a daunting task to implement an appropriate asset management solution.  Though there are different benefits to each communication technology, Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth LE, is the top communication option for enterprises in search of a high-performing asset management solution.  Link Labs has advanced Bluetooth LE in recent years to become faster and more energy-efficient than ever before through what is now being defined as XLE or Xtreme Low Energy.  Let’s take a deeper look at IoT Bluetooth LE and XLE and how they vary when applied to an asset management solution.

What is IoT Bluetooth LE?

Bluetooth LE, as explained above, is a type of wireless communication technology.  This technology enables various wireless devices to connect and communicate with each other to deliver a specific message.  Many industries – such as healthcare, manufacturing, and warehousing – have found great benefit from Bluetooth LE for tracking and monitoring their most critical assets via an asset management solution.  Because of the small amount of data transferred at one time, it allows for lower-power consumption, fast transmission speed, and accuracy in determining an asset’s location and condition.  When used in an asset management system, these benefits can make a huge impact on a company’s performance.  By not having to replace batteries frequently, companies can save both the battery replacement cost and the labor cost.

What is IoT XLE?

All types of technology allow room for innovation.  With Bluetooth LE, that is no different.  Link Labs has pioneered a newer version of Bluetooth LE we refer to as Xtreme Low Energy because of its even greater ability to save on battery life and provide even more precise location measurements to a tagged asset.  XLE still uses off-the-shelf Bluetooth LE tags but by adding firmware using phase-ranging technology, XLE communicates a tagged asset’s location through XYZ coordinates accurate to within 1 meter or less.  Using XLE technology, Bluetooth LE tags can now get accuracy close to UWB!  This is ideal for an indoor commercial setting, as many companies have the need to find assets several times a day down to their near-exact location – without straining the battery life of the IoT components.


Now that you have a better understanding of both IoT Blutooth LE and XLE, let’s take a look at how these versions compare when applied through Link Labs’ indoor asset management solution.

Bluetooth LE has helped build the groundwork for advancement to XLE technology.  Through its patented installation setup, companies have access to a variety of benefits from ROI, accuracy, improved battery life, and more.

Jump into Bluetooth LE/XLE Advancement!

Bluetooth LE is the core of XLE – making it an ideal solution for any company, in any industry, looking to implement an effective asset management solution.  For more information on how it can be applied to your industry, book a demo today.


Written by Georgiana Strait

Georgiana Strait is a Digital Marketing Manager at Link Labs with 6+ years of experience in the technology and software industries, with specialized interest and expertise in the IoT field. She has helped market emerging technologies such as Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, analytics programs, virtual assistants, software for regulatory compliance needs, and much more. Prior to her professional career as a marketer, Georgiana served in the United States Military in the Active Duty Army as a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Specialist. She was stationed in El Paso, Texas at Fort Bliss and had one deployment overseas during her time in the Army.


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