Enhancing Election Accountability with Asset Tracking

Date/Time: Febuary 9, 2023 at 11 AM ET

Election workers are under constant scrutiny, which is why it is beneficial to seek out solutions that provide transparency, accountability, and a legible data trail, as well as ensure efficient processes on election day. From in-person to mail-in voting, asset tracking provides a way to overcome the challenges of elections planning and logistics while instilling trust in the civil process. Watch this webinar as Link Labs’ Benjamin Webb and a representative of our customer Shelby County, Wisconsin talk about “Enhancing Election Accountability with Asset Tracking.”

  • -The benefits of employing asset tracking in elections
    -Ensuring EPDs and other equipment arrive at the correct polling locations in time for elections
    -Backing up the chain of custody monitoring with reliable location data
    -Addressing public scrutiny and potential lawsuits with documented equipment transfer and drop-box monitoring
    -And more!

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