About this project

The Link Labs LTE Cat-M1 GPS System is the world’s first carrier-certified LTE CAT-M1 device, and is perfect for an out-of-the-box demonstration of the low-power performance of LTE Cat-M1 paired with the nationwide coverage, scalability, and security of Verizon’s LTE cellular network. It is pre-provisioned on the Verizon network, comes with one year of pre-paid service, and offers a full suite of security, network management, and device management tools in the Link Labs Conductor™ Platform.

About this project

What is LTE Cat-M1?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with LTE Cat M1 (how did you get here?) LTE-M1 is the 3GPP’s long awaited answer to growing interest in the Internet of Things community to low power, long range networks (LPWAN). LTE-M1 allows simpler and less expensive radio chipsets to connect to existing LTE networks, after a software upgrade. There are two primary innovations that make LTE-M1 a very attractive option for designers looking for extremely power efficient performance, along with the ubiquity of already deployed LTE networks – LTE eDRX (Extended Discontinuous Reception) and LTE PSM (Power Saving Mode). To learn more about these advanced features, check out our blog post about them or the video below


What is included in the Full LTE-M Launch kit?

  • LTE-M Communications Expansion Board
  • GPS Sensor
  • LTE Antenna
  • Lithium Battery
  • Conductor™ Network Management Platform
  • IP67 Enclosure
  • Activation and 1 year of Verizon service
LTE-M Module + Sensor Board

Okay, I get it, but what if I want something other than GPS?

Asset tracking

Good! We were hoping you would ask that. We will be offering a 2nd Sensor Board based on YOUR FEEDBACK. Potential boards we are considering include an I/O contact board, ambient air temperature sensor, AC current sensor, DC current and voltage sensor, a motion detector (PIR), and whatever else you can imagine!

If you are impatient or something special in mind, we are offering a limited number of Professional Engineering Services packages as part of this campaign. Choose from the following two options:

Custom LTE-M + basic sensor board design

  • Basic sensor or controller
  • Limited battery life optimizations
  • No strict size requirement
  • 10 Boards
  • Design Files
  • Host Firmware
  • Demo/Dashboard

Custom LTE-M + advanced sensor board design

  • Complex Sensor(s) or controller(s)
  • Power Constrained
  • Strict size requirement
  • Buttons/edge logic
  • 10 Boards
  • Design Files
  • Host Firmware
  • Demo/Dashboard

Professional Services

Contact Us

If you’re interested in a data sheet, network launch dates, or more information on the LL-LTE-M-VZN-S communications module itself, please get a hold of us and we will send you information as it becomes available.