PubNub AngularJS V4 SDK 

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Pubnub Angular service is a wrapper for PubNub JavaScript SDK that adds a few extra features to simplify Angular integrations:

  • Multiple instance behavior: All instances are accessible throughout application via Pubnub service.
  • Events: Delegated methods accept the triggerEvents option which will broadcast certain callback as an AngularJS event.
  • A $pubnubChannel object that seamlessly binds a PubNub channel to a scope variable that gets updated with realtime data and allows you to interact with the channel through dedicated methods.
  • A $pubnubChannelGroup object that provides an easy-to-use interface for channel groups. It stores the incoming messages in containers split by the channel and exposes an interface to directly fetch messages by channel.

You can still use the native Pubnub JavaScript SDK if you feel this will be more suitable for your situation.


Your HTML page will include 2 key libraries:

  • PubNub JavaScript SDK
  • PubNub JavaScript SDK AngularJS Service

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