Why Link Labs?

You can deploy a flexible solution for less than alternative technologies.
Link Labs leverages multiple technologies to make your connectivity solution work seamlessly indoors, outdoors, and on the road. This flexibility means we can help you architect the least expensive—and most effective—solution for your use case.

You can update device software with the click of a button. 
All Link Labs devices can be managed through the cloud via firmware over-the-air, which means you can reconfigure your system and update device software without leaving your desk.

You can rest assured your data is protected. 
With Link Labs’ state-of-the-art, end-to-end data encryption, you can be certain that the data transmitted from your edge devices is secure.

You can scale your solution based on business needs. 
Link Labs’ enterprise-grade solutions make it simple to deploy with a pilot and scale to hundreds of thousands or millions of connected endpoints. And because the Link Labs Conductor and AirFinder RTLS software has been proven to handle millions of messages each minute, you’ll never have to worry about backend data flow complexity.