– Case Study –

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, AirFinder Has Come to Mean “Peace of Mind”

Thermo Fisher Scientific saw a challenge in their vast facility where they repair instruments holding critical data for customers. They turned to AirFinder to meet their needs.

This case study outlines the asset tracking journey Thermo Fisher Scientific undertook to gain full visibility into the flow of customer-owned assets throughout their repair facilities.

Now, AirFinder takes all the guesswork out of keeping track of customer instruments and the irreplaceable data these assets contain. What’s more, Thermo Fisher Scientific hasn’t lost a single instrument since implementing AirFinder.

Find out how they are able to achieve this mission-critical milestone with:

  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Wi-Fi Independence
  • Affordability

Download this case study today to take your first step toward improving your company’s asset tracking capabilities.