Intelligent Asset Tracking & Monitoring

AirFinder—Link Labs’ asset tracking technology—will help your organization
create measurable value at the lowest cost in the industry.

Asset tracking that works wherever you need it:

Indoor Asset Tracking

You’ll see immediate and measurable ROI when you use the lowest-cost indoor RTLS on the market that can be deployed in a matter of hours (instead of days or weeks). Further, AirFinder can support other Bluetooth applications on the same network, making your indoor asset tracking system robust.

Outdoor Asset Tracking

Whether you want to leverage GPS, WiFi locations, or cellular for outdoor asset tracking, Link Labs can help. Our engineers will work with you to design tracking devices that are optimized for battery life, ruggedized for outdoor use cases, and customized to your specific needs.

In-Transit / Supply Chain Asset Tracking

Link Labs’ asset tracking stack makes monitoring the status of assets moving between facilities simpler than ever. Further, you can easily integrate environmental monitoring sensors to your real-time location tags to gain more information about sensitive cargo during transit.


What makes Link Labs’ asset tracking
solutions unique? 

No IT Required

AirFinder can run on a standalone system that doesn’t touch your network—which means you don't need to involve your IT department during deployment.

Long Battery Life

Instead of beaconing constantly, AirFinder intelligent asset tracking tags sleep 99.9% of the time and wake only to send out a new location. This extends battery life three to five years and reduces downtime and complexity.

Low Cost

Low unit costs, inexpensive cost of connectivity, and strong battery life make AirFinder the most cost-effective asset tracking technology on the market.

Easy Scalability

Our intelligent real-time location system (RTLS) technology can be deployed for a department-level use case and then easily scaled to enable tracking and monitoring across your entire organization.



Use Cases


RTLS technology enables manufacturing organizations to know immediately and precisely where materials are stored, thereby decreasing waste and improving operational efficiency. Further, manufacturers can monitor environmental conditions—such as temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration—to ensure that sensitive goods are handled and stored correctly.


Managing the flow of raw and finished goods through your supply chain is a challenge. Link Labs’ asset tracking technology enables you to efficiently track packages and goods as they move through your supply chain—costing you up to 10 times less than alternative tracking technologies.


Not only can RTLS technology provide hospitals and healthcare organizations the opportunity to monitor the location of tagged equipment and personnel, it also helps in the following ways:

  • Provides evidence for legal compliance: “Can I prove this piece of equipment was moved?”
  • Offers insight into inventory management: “Can I automatically increment and decrement my inventory with minimal staff involvement?”
  • Answers financial queries: “I have a request to order 150 new wheelchairs; are we utilizing what we already have?”

Oil & Gas

From monitoring the location of offshore personnel for their safety, to ensuring that your personnel can alway find pallet jacks and test equipment various places around a refinery, the oil and gas industry has numerous uses for real-time location tracking and monitoring systems.

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