Beyond GPS: Next Generation Indoor/Outdoor Tracking and Monitoring

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Join us as Link Labs CTO, Brian Ray, and VP of the AirFinder Product Division, Dominic Marcellino, discuss how to leverage new Internet of Things network technologies for low-cost, seamless indoor/outdoor tracking and monitoring. 

But these technologies still suffer from two big problems:

Indoor location capability. It’s no surprise that GPS does not work indoors.  And the reality is, most “things” businesses want to track are often stored, used, or located indoors.  The list of items is that move indoors and out is endless—from finished goods to bikes to tools to speciality racks and totes for shipping.  While GPS fails indoors, other indoor location technologies – passive RFID, UWB, WiFi – have expensive infrastructure and no or limited outdoor/in-transit capabilities.

Lack of network coverage. Cellular networks have been optimized for use by people streaming videos and data, not for the bytes and bits required for business and industrial IOT use cases.  The reality is that network coverage rarely exists in the four corners of factories, warehouses, distribution centers, refineries, and the like. But it is exactly inside the facilities where things need to be tracked and monitored. What options exist that can provide low-cost, high-performance indoor tracking and monitoring?

In this webinar, Link Labs will compare the various technical approaches today available for addressing these challenges.  We’ll also introduce our solution to them, the AirFinder SupertagTM.  The Supertag solves these problems by combining the low-power performance of BLE for indoor location tracking and the cutting-edge capabilities of LTE-M1 for outdoor and in-transit tracking and monitoring.  The Supertag also utilizes an architecturally flexible approach to fill the gaps of cellular network coverage. 

The Supertag offers:

  • Seamless indoor/outdoor asset tracking—anything, anywhere
  • Can be combined with multiple, easy methods for closing gaps in network coverage
  • Long-battery life—depending on use and size, 1-10 years
  • High indoor location accuracy—up to +/- 1 meter
  • Works out-of-the-box, delivering an immediate ROI
  • Temperature, shock, and vibration alerting and reporting