Brian Ray


Brian is the Founder of Link Labs. As the founder of the company, Brian has led the creation and deployment of a new type of ultra long-range, low-power wireless networking which is transforming the Internet of Things and M2M space.

Before starting Link Labs, Brian led a team at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab that solved communications and geolocation problems for the national intelligence community. He was also the VP of Engineering at the network security company, Lookingglass, and served for eight years as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and received his Master’s Degree from Oxford University.

Brian Ray

What do Fellow Link Lab-ers Say About Brian

Brian is a machine—he is able to get way more done than you’d think is humanly possible. He is very driven, efficient with his time, and enjoyable to work with. He’s very competitive (he used to be a competitive sailor), and expects everyone to hold themselves to the highest standards. You can trust his vision because he takes the time to dig into the smallest details.