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Looking for a complete IoT connectivity solution?

Symphony Link is a dynamic LoRa® based wireless system built specifically for low power, wide-area connectivity. Symphony Link was built right here at Link Labs by a team of problem-solving, former DOD/Intelligence Community engineers. You can also integrate Symphony Link software into your LoRa® device directly.

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Symphony Link

Try Ensemble

Looking for a low power IoT protocol for sensing and monitoring applications?

Ensemble is an asynchronous wireless system built for low-power applications with several hundred devices or fewer. Ensemble is lightweight and flexible; its modules can be provisioned quickly as an end node, repeater, or gateway. Our team has designed the module-based system to be easily integrated into existing enclosures. Like Symphony Link, Ensemble allows for low power, wide-area connectivity.

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Need IoT hardware?

Browse wireless network modules, gateways, and development kits in our product store. These products use LoRa® and support two integrated protocols—Symphony Link and LoRaWAN™.

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