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“The biggest benefit of AirFinder by far has been the peace of mind that comes in knowing where a customer’s equipment is. It works when you need it to work, and that’s worth everything in this business.”

Preston Wilkey, Supplier Quality Engineer, Thermo Fisher Scientific


What Use Cases Do We Serve?

We’ve helped companies solve several use cases. You can still reach out to us if you don’t see your use case. We’re constantly working to improve our technology to meet more use case needs.

What Is Our Customer Segmentation?

We have customers across different industries and sizes. We’ve helped manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, utilities, and more! 

How Many Customers Do You Have?

We have hundreds across different verticals.

Do We Have Any Partnership Opportunities?

We do! Visit our partner's page to learn more about them!

Do you have any ROI Models?

We do! Ask our sales team to see an ROI model that aligns with your industry and use case. You can also download a free infographic to learn more about the ROI you can receive from asset tracking.


Do We Offer Passive RFID Solutions?

Our solution is not a passive RFID solution; it’s an active RFID solution. Read about why active RFID is better for asset tracking in businesses than passive RFID here!

Which Technology is Best For Each Use Case?

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 1.38.27 PM

What Features and Capabilities Do Our Products Have?

We have data sheets for each product that cover their features and capabilities.

AirFinder OnSite

Battery Powered Location Beacon

Plug-in Location Beacon


Access Point

E9 Tag

E8 Tag

C7 Tag

E7 Tag

AirFinder Everywhere

SuperTag Plus

SuperTag Pro

Rechargeable SuperTag

SuperTag Pro Bracket

SuperTag Plus Bracket

Can You Monitor In Use of The Equipment?

Yes, our tags can monitor the environment surrounding the tag. For example, they can sense temperature, acceleration, and more.

What Infrastructure is Required for AirFinder OnSite?

Location beacons, Access Points, Gateways, and of course, tags are required for AirFinder OnSite.

What Infrastructure is Required for AirFinder Everywhere?

Tags are required for Everywhere, and location beacons are optional.

How Are Infrastructure Devices Powered?

AC or DC powers our location beacons, access points, and gateways.

Who Is Our Tag Supplier?

We use off-the-shelf tags with our firmware. The only exception is our associate alert tags, custom-built through our partnership with AT&T.

Can I Get Tags for Testing?

We like to start with a small pilot at your facility. We want to ensure you can evaluate and understand the system properly before investing entirely.

Can I Do My Own Installation?

It depends. We provide installation training so you can do it yourself, but we typically do the installation for you. The exception is AirFinder Everywhere; since the only hardware is tags, you attach the tags yourself to the assets you are tracking.

How Long Does an Installation Take?

Depending on certain factors like the size of the facility, installation can take anywhere from one day to four weeks.


How Long Does it Take From Proposal to Installation?

1-2 months depending on demand. Currently, demand is high, so it may take closer to 3-4 months.

Will a Site Survey Be Necessary?

Most of the time. We do a site survey because it allows the solution architects and installers to fine-tune the wireless connectivity based on unforeseen or unknown interference, density, and obstructions.

How Do We Structure Our Pricing?

The price of our solution depends on multiple variables. Therefore, before providing you with a quote, we need information about your use case, how much equipment you need, and other information. Connect with our sales team so they can put together a specialized quote for you!

Do We Have Any Training or Onboarding?

Yes, we do this with varying levels of assistance depending on the customer and use case.

What Does Our Support Look Like?

We will help you through every step of the installation process, and it doesn’t end there. While you are our customer, anytime you need support, we will help you. We can send an engineer to your site or maybe just answer a simple question; whatever the issue is, we’ll help you solve it to ensure your success with our system.


What Type of Reporting Do We Provide?

We offer standard and custom reports. The standard report provides basic location tracking, device information, and zone movement. The custom report can help you analyze the data we’ve gathered. There is no extra charge to use our reporting software.

How Do We Integrate?

Thanks to our UI, users can integrate our AirFinder UI into any existing platform. The API connects two systems to easily transfer information between them, allowing for easy data storage and access to reporting information.

Can You Interface With Our Current Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Access Points?

No, our location technology is based on proprietary firmware.


Do You Have Any Sustainability Programs?

Yes, we do! Visit this page to learn more!

Do You Have a Program to Replace Batteries?

When you purchase our system, you’ll receive a manual with instructions on changing the batteries. If that’s not enough, you can always reach out to ask, and we’ll help you.  You can also watch one of our engineers walk through changing the battery on one of our tags here.

Can the Battery Be Replaced?

Some of our tag’s batteries can be replaced, and others cannot.


How Scalable is Our Solution?

Our solution is scalable at an enterprise level.

Do We Have Global Coverage?

We are working on releasing our solution globally in tiers. Our focus currently is on the U.S. and Canada. We plan to provide our solution in Mexico and the EU. Global expansion has been made possible because of our partnership with Wirepas.

How Do We Function in Poor Coverage Areas?

When using our AirFinder Everywhere product, you have multiple network options to choose from, including GPS and cellular. You can choose the preferred network order. The tag will use a different network to locate itself in an area of poor coverage.


What Are Our Security Certificates?

We are working towards the ISO 27001 Certification. This certification demonstrates an organization's investment in people, processes, and technology to protect your data. We expect to receive this certification by the end of the year.

Do You Have Encryption?

AirFinder System Overview v.1.4.2

Who In the Facility Has Access to the UI?

Typically engineers, but we can grant access to anyone who needs it.

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