AirFinder Everywhere

AirFinder Everywhere is Link Labs’ easy-to-use and affordable industrial IoT asset tracking system with cloud-based software designed for dynamic, movable assets in hybrid environments — indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in-between.

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What is the best GPS tracker for heavy equipment?

AirFinder Everywhere Use Cases

Pallet tracking

Pallet Tracking

An asset tracking system provides real-time visibility of your pallets, so you no longer have to spend time searching for them or money to replace them when they're lost.

Learn more about pallet tracking

Cold chain monitoring

Cold Chain Monitoring

An asset tracking system with temperature sensors that alerts you of changes in temperature allows you to address problems as soon as they occur.

Learn more about cold chain



Ensuring compliance isn’t easy to do manually. The addition of automation through asset tracking provides accurate reporting and a reliable database for your operations.

Learn more about compliance

Trailer tracking

Trailer Tracking

Your non-powered assets are the most difficult to keep track of. An asset tracking system tells you where your trailers are in real-time even if the truck itself is powered off.

Learn more about trailer tracking

Loss prevention

Loss Prevention

The use of an RTLS asset tracking solution will allow your company to save time and money while improving productivity, efficiency and reducing loss and theft.

Learn more about loss prevention

Equipment tracking

Equipment Tracking

Leased equipment is expensive to replace. Instead of replacing your lost or stolen equipment, gain asset visibility sith an asset tracking solution.

Learn more about tracking

Industries We Serve

Equipment rental

Equipment Rental

Rental equipment is extremely valuable, leading to theft being a prominent issue. You can avoid these large replacement costs by implementing a system that tracks your equipment’s location in real-time. If equipment is stolen, you can retrieve it instead of replacing it.

Learn more about asset tracking for equipment rental companies



Miscommunication often leads to lost income. Meters and other equipment often are easily misplaced leading to high replacement costs. Gain visibility of these with an RTLS to avoid future replacement costs and ensure you receive all the income you deserve.

Learn more about asset tracking for utility companies



Having a breadcrumb trail of where ballot boxes have been can help to reinstate public trust. Making sure the correct equipment is at the right location on election day is critical. Automatically tracking this equipment can save you on election day and reduce legal fees.

Learn more about asset tracking for elections



Safe transportation of medical equipment and medication is vital so hospitals can properly treat their patients. Our asset tracking system has sensors to monitor the temperature and alerts you if there's a problem to be adressed.

Learn more about asset tracking for healthcare



With high-value equipment left unattended overnight at construction sites, people look to make money off of what’s not theirs. Tracking your equipment can tell you where stolen equipment ended up so you can get it back.

Learn more about asset tracking for construction



Managing inventory is difficult to do manually, especially in a large warehouse. Automatic asset tracking helps managers gain better visibility of their inventory and helps them to ensure they remain compliant.

Learn more about asset tracking for warehousing

AirFinder Everywhere Solution

SuperTag Pro
SuperTag Pro

SuperTag Pro

Smaller tag with up to 3 years of battery life depending on the network type used and how often the tag updates its location.

Size: 75mm x 72mm/2.9in x 2.8in

SuperTag Plus
supertag plus

SuperTag Plus

Largest of the tags with up to 7 years of battery life depending on the network and how often the tag updates.

Size: 83mm x 118mm/3.3in x 4.6in

Rechargeable SuperTag
Rechargeable Supertag

Rechargeable SuperTag

The rechargeable tag saves money on battery replacement and lasts up to 3 months depending on usage. 

Size: 56.5mm x 56.5mm/2.2in x 2.2in

SuperTag Hub

Learn about how SuperTag Hub works to provide seamless indoor and outdoor asset tracking and monitoring.

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AirFinder Everywhere is an asset monitoring system that companies use for tracking their capital assets

How AirFinder Everywhere Works

Link Labs' AirFinder Everywhere is a one-of-a-kind seamless indoor and outdoor platform. Our solution bridges the gap between different environments and enabling cohesive connectivity. By leveraging advanced technologies such as LoRaWAN and Bluetooth LE, Link Labs provides a unified platform that seamlessly extends connectivity from indoor spaces to outdoor areas, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted communication experience. This integration allows your company to effortlessly manage and monitor assets, devices, and systems across both indoor and outdoor environments, facilitating efficient operations, enhanced productivity, and improved user experiences. Whether it's tracking assets within a facility or connecting sensors in outdoor environments, Link Labs' solutions enable seamless data transmission and control that helps your company unlock the full potential of its IoT applications and optimize overall operations.

AirFinder Everywhere Journey
1. Asset Tag

Asset Tag

Attach tags to individual assets that need tracking

Attach tags to individual assets that need tracking

2. AirFinder Access Point
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AirFinder Access Point

Mount in place to be used by tags to calculate location and then send data to the IoT platform

Mount in place to be used by tags to calculate location and then send data to the IoT platform

3. Gateway


Receive data from Link Labs’ access points and send data to the cloud

Receive data from Link Labs’ access points and send data to the cloud

4. User Interface/ Software Mockup

User Interface/ Software Mockup

Instantly access real-time location data

Instantly access real-time location data

Reporting & Analytics

Customizable Reports

Customizable Reports

Tag Location & History
more data

Tag Location & History

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Know exactly where your assets are anywhere in the world at any time.

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What Our Clients Are Saying


“The biggest benefit of AirFinder by far has been the peace of mind that comes in knowing where a customer’s equipment is. It works when you need it to work, and that’s worth everything in this business.”

Preston Wilkey, Supplier Quality Engineer, Thermo Fisher Scientific