AngularJS V4 SDK Troubleshooting Guide



Set logVerbosity to true on initialization.

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AngularJS V4 Stream Controller Tutorial for Realtime Apps

Stream Controller Overview

When enabled via the PubNub Admin Console, the Stream Controller feature provides PubNub developers the ability to efficiently subscribe to multiple channels via Channel Multiplexing (MXing) and Channel Groups.

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AngularJS V4 Publish/Subscribe Tutorial for Realtime Apps

Publish and Subscribe Overview

PubNub utilizes a Publish/Subscribe model for real-time data streaming and device signaling which lets you establish and maintain persistent socket connections to any device and push data to global audiences in less than ¼ of a second.

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PubNub Network Lifecycle for AngularJS

How do you manage lifecycle?

It is users responsibility to prepare client's configuration instance and pass it during PubNub client instantiation. As long as there is a reference to the client instance it will be alive. The initialized client doesn't perform any activities until activated by user commands.

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AngularJS V4 Presence API Reference for Realtime Apps

Here Now


You can obtain information about the current state of a channel including a list of unique user-ids currently subscribed to the channel and the total occupancy count of the channel by calling the hereNow() function in your application.

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AngularJS V4 Publish & Subscribe API Reference for Realtime Apps



The publish() function is used to send a message to all subscribers of a channel. To publish a message you must first specify a valid publishKey at initialization. A successfully published message is replicated across the PubNub Real-Time Network and sent simultaneously to all subscribed clients on a channel.

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AngularJS V4 Configuration API Reference for Realtime Apps

AngularJS V4 complete API reference for building Realtime Applications on PubNub, including basic usage and sample code.

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PubNub AngularJS V4 SDK 

Hello World

Pubnub Angular service is a wrapper for PubNub JavaScript SDK that adds a few extra features to simplify Angular integrations:

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