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Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Asset tracking is nothing new. Unfortunately, neither are the high costs and technical limitations that generally accompany legacy solutions.

Link Labs is pleased to bring uniquely practical and low-cost asset tracking and monitoring capabilities to enterprises looking to locate and monitor assets onsite, offsite, in-transit, indoors or outdoors. With Link Labs, expect to see an easier path to ROI, greater location accuracy, and ability to integrate sensors for environmental monitoring.

Link Labs' suite of asset tracking and monitoring solutions is unique in four ways:

  • Architectural flexibility- Integrate Bluetooth low-energy, Wifi, Cellular, LPWAN and ethernet as well as multiple sensors for additional monitoring capabilities.
  • Longer-battery life - Resulting from Link Labs’ patented architecture and power-saving IP
  • Lower data costs (transmission and storage) - Transmit only the most valuable data for your use-case.
  • Lower cost infrastructure - Innovative architecture and IP enable a light hardware footprint and lower maintenance costs.

Asset Tracking Solutions


Locate and monitor materials indoors while overcoming the traditional challenges to asset tracking ROI (hardware and data). A flexible architecture for multiple backhaul options. Expand beyond asset tracking by adding integrated sensors for asset and environmental monitoring.

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Seamlessly account for your assets both onsite and in-transit between storage and distribution points. Long lasting Bluetooth Low Energy tags and patented data-efficiency open-up the ability to integrate sensors to monitor assets and their environment more cost-effectively than existing options.

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Whether by GPS, locationing through nearby Wifi sites, or Cellular-based tracking options, Link Labs brings the flexibility to integrate the advantages of each of these options into your long-range, outdoor asset tracking devices. Our patented long-battery life and efficient data management technology brings unrivaled cost efficiencies and ROI to your deployment.

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Asset Tracking and Monitoring in the IoT


Asset Tracking and Monitoring in the IoT

Watch this on-demand webinar announcing a new technology that will lower costs in asset tracking and monitoring, opening-up new possibilities for cost-effective use-cases and ROI.


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