Bluetooth Low Energy technology has been changing the way the world thinks about connecting not only consumer devices, but devices within the commercial space as well. In particular, the manufacturing industry benefits from Bluetooth Low Energy technology as part of an asset tracking solution. Manufacturing facilities tend to operate in both indoor and outdoor environments, and that requires such companies to keep track of how objects move throughout every day processes. This is where Bluetooth Low Energy comes into play. By enabling methods for connecting asset tracking devices both indoors and outdoors via Bluetooth, manufacturing companies will have continuous visibility to asset location, while striking a balance between battery life, accuracy and cost.  Let’s dive deeper with three reasons why manufacturing can benefit from Bluetooth technology.

1. Visibility

A primary use case of Bluetooth Low Energy in manufacturing is the ability to track Work In Process assets. This is valuable as it helps with improving operational efficiencies throughout the supply chain. With the use of asset tracking devices enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy, managers can track bottlenecks in their production system, and then ensure they are received by the next point in the manufacturing pipeline in a timely manner. Bluetooth Low Energy platforms can send reports in real-time through a User Interface that displays data overviewing where items are in production and in transit to better identify hold ups. Users can then take that information to improve efficiency where those hold ups take place. This results in more finished goods with less time and money spent on production.

Aside from Work In Process, Bluetooth Low Energy devices have the ability to track equipment used by companies. Both inside and outside of a manufacturing facility, there might be times when equipment is left in a particular area where it is no longer needed. With an asset tracking system, companies can decrease the time spent looking for equipment as asset tags can identify the equipment location quickly and accurately.

2. Range Capabilities

Another benefit that Bluetooth Low Energy can provide is its range capabilities. Since Bluetooth Low Energy is a LoRa (Long Range) technology, it functions without the need for WiFi or Cellular Service. This means that the interferences that those technologies may have will not hinder the receiving of information needed. This can be beneficial for manufacturers when they track or monitor assets. In a manufacturing facility, several Link Labs Bluetooth Low Energy devices can work together to provide proximity-based location identification. This means that location accuracy is provided by the closest beacon to a tagged asset. Outside of a facility, users can enable tags that provide location accuracy within 10 feet of a tagged asset.

3. Customizable

Possibly one of the more important advantages that Bluetooth Low Energy has for manufacturers is that it can be customizable. For example, with asset tracking you can customize to provide better accuracy by adding additional location beacons where you need. Not only that, but you can also set the device to conserve battery life by only sending location updates as often as needed. This ensures unnecessary updates do not drain the asset tag battery. This is helpful as it also reduces the cost spent on batteries as you won’t have to change as often.

Link Labs SuperTag to the Rescue!

At Link Labs, the ability to provide visibility, range, and customization is not limited to just tracking assets indoors. We provide manufacturers the same benefits by giving them an option to seamlessly track their assets that move both indoors and outdoors with AirFinder Everywhere. This solution utilizes the SuperTag Plus or SuperTag Pro tags to assist with tracking assets that leave facilities and travel on the road. Take a glance at how AirFinder Everywhere can help manufacturers with their indoor and outdoor tracking needs by booking a demo.
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