Manufacturing companies have been implementing IoT solutions in their production and supply chain process to help them in a variety of ways. One of Link Labs’ customers, Thermo Fisher Scientific, has greatly benefited from the implementation of AirFinder for asset tracking and monitoring equipment in the workplace.

Curious about how Thermo Fisher Scientific uses AirFinder to see results for tracking misplaced workplace assets? Download this customer case study to find out how.

Thermo Fisher facilities have hundreds of handheld instruments and equipment moving in and out of the workplace throughout the day. Keeping track of these instruments manually is a lot of work and doesn’t guarantee accurate tracking. Replacing any lost devices is one thing, but the information stored on these devices by customers is much more valuable. By maintaining stored information securely, customers at Thermo Fisher are guaranteed a greater sense of security.

Through the use of Link Labs’ AirFinder solution, Thermo Fisher can ensure that instruments are no longer misplaced and  prevent loss of critical equipment. 

When Thermo Fisher approached Link Labs to learn about the AirFinder solution, they found several benefits to the AirFinder OnSite solution. They chose our RTLS solution because of the simplicity of the installation process, the affordable price, the transparency provided, and most importantly, WiFi independence.

Thermo Fisher has been using the AirFinder OnSite system for about three years and is still finding success. Preston Wilkey, Supplier Quality Engineer at Thermo Fisher said, “the peace of mind that comes in knowing where a customer’s equipment is. [AirFinder] works when you need it to work, and that’s worth everything in this business.”

Additional Use Cases for Manufacturers

Equipment/Tool Tracking: When multiple people use the same tools throughout the day, certain items can become misplaced. Instead of wasting time searching for the last place it was used, an asset tracking system can show the location in real time.

Work In Progress (WIP): Maintaining accurate inventory levels during the production process can be difficult. Tracking WIP can guarantee proper material flow. It also shows you any unexpected bottlenecks so the issue can be addressed quickly.

Process Efficiencies: Production processes take time from start to finish. Time is money. Improving process efficiencies can save time and money while maintaining quality.

What Does This Mean For You?

Asset tracking solutions like AirFinder can help manufacturing companies in a variety of ways. If you’re a manufacturing company looking to save money and you think you can benefit from one of the use cases discussed above, book a demo with us today!

Written by Stas Wolk

Stas Wolk is the Chief Operating Officer at Link Labs. He has over 20 years of executive leadership experience in the wireless consumer electronics industry spanning telecommunications carriers, OEM handset and contract device manufacturers, enterprise software applications and service providers, and supply chain management providers. At Jabil Circuits, an electronics design, manufacturing and product management services company, Stas led the company’s global mobility aftermarket services division with mobile phone repair, remanufacturing and refurbishment operations in 5 countries. He was VP of Global Strategic Alliances at Cellebrite, a technology company delivering solutions for mobile lifecycle management and forensics, heading its global partnership and M&A activities in the aftermarket services domain, and later SVP of Operations at XPO Logistics. Stas has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from San Francisco State University.

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