As technology advances, drones are gradually becoming more relevant in asset tracking. For many e-commerce, major retail, and logistics companies, drone delivery services seem to be the next big step moving forward. This increase in drone relevance is due to cost-savings and versatility.

Last-Mile Delivery

Drones are changing the way retailers deliver products. Asset tracking via drones can be a major game-changer as part of this technology shift.Drones provide a higher number of deliveries in a shorter amount of time, compared to vehicle deliveries. Drone companies, like Manna, can make twenty deliveries per hour with one drone, while the average delivery van driver can only deliver five packages per hour. Why is this technology significant? Because the last mile of deliveries is the most expensive step in the shipping process. Companies utilizing drones would be able to reduce their shipping costs, increase their number of deliveries, and reduce delivery time simultaneously.

Real-Time Delivery and Monitoring

Drones are very versatile and capable of delivering products to a customer’s exact location - even if outside the household or shipping address. For example, if a person was alone and injured, medical supplies could be delivered immediately. The user of a drone delivery service would simply order products online and receive them within minutes. Walgreens partners with Google-parent drone delivery service to perform such services.

The versatility of drones extends to real time monitoring capabilities as well. Drones can monitor assets and provide details surrounding security and more. With real-time location data and live camera feeds, companies can leverage drones to measure data quickly without the need for human intervention.

Wrapping it Up: Drones as Part of Asset Tracking Technology

Drones indeed do have a role in asset tracking systems. Although the future of this technological combination is more so in the conceptual stages, it will eventually become more relevant. If your company is interested in asset tracking systems in general, get in touch with Link Labs to learn more.

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