The use of real-time visibility on equipment, inventory, and personnel is not a new idea. In the early 21st century, one could manage assets through spreadsheets and manual locating processes. But with ever-changing technology, asset tracking has evolved significantly in recent years.

The evolution of asset tracking technologies has brought about leading-edge solutions, such as Link Labs’ AirFinder.

A Look at Asset Tracking in the Past

As previously mentioned, asset tracking has been a necessary part of businesses and organizations for decades. The earliest means of asset tracking included companies manually inputting information into spreadsheets. As equipment moves and maintenance dates expire, manual inputting can become laborious and quickly irrelevant, while opening the risk for human error. The information becomes invalid as fast-paced companies continue their activities, leaving the spreadsheet out of date. It is not that these processes were incorrect or meaningless, but companies began to realize a major opportunity for improvement.

A Look at Asset Tracking in the Present

Digitization of asset tracking technology is becoming highly important for manufacturers.

Because of the room for improvement, asset tracking processes have evolved in the digital age. There are now software programs and hardware products that allow companies to revolutionize asset tracking processes from laborious tasks to seamless tracking. Asset tracking technology has allowed companies to know not only where their equipment is but also how long it was in a certain location, usage data, and more – all in real time. For logistics purposes, buyers and sellers can monitor the progression of shipment. For manufacturing, asset tracking helps to prevent or eliminate bottlenecks and equipment loss. Healthcare industries can keep track of expensive equipment and monitor upcoming maintenance needs for life-saving equipment.  These added benefits show why the technological advancements in asset tracking have been so helpful to companies all over the world.

A Look at the Future of Asset Tracking

Technology changes every day. Advancements in the IoT world are constant. Asset tracking has now become a technology driver that is constantly bringing process improvements to a wide range of industries. With the adaptation of AI and cloud computing, most asset tracking responsibilities will soon be technologically controlled. Continued growth in customization and optimization of asset tracking technology will remain, along with new and exciting advancements. The world of IoT is ever-changing, and the future of asset tracking is limitless.

LinkLabs’ Asset Tracking Technology Solutions

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Written by Georgiana Strait

Georgiana Strait is a Marketing Director at Link Labs with 6+ years of experience in the technology and software industries, with specialized interest and expertise in the IoT field. She has helped market emerging technologies such as Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, analytics programs, virtual assistants, software for regulatory compliance needs, and much more. Prior to her professional career as a marketer, Georgiana served in the United States Military in the Active Duty Army as a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Specialist. She was stationed in El Paso, Texas at Fort Bliss and had one deployment overseas during her time in the Army.

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