It’s important for companies to keep track of their assets and inventory throughout their supply chain. This is especially important in the area of logistics.  Each company has a unique need as to why they would benefit from equipment tracking and monitoring. Some companies may not even know that they have a need for an asset tracking system. Keep reading to learn why one might be beneficial to your logistics company.

Asset Tracking Use Cases

There are many asset tracking use cases that can help logistics companies. A few examples are equipment monitoring, improving process efficiencies, and loss prevention.

Real-Time Equipment Tracking

Being able to visualize where equipment, inventory or pallets are in real time is a key part in maintaining workplace operations for logistics companies.  When a piece of critical equipment is needed, an asset tracking system can ensure you’ll find it quickly and get back to work.

A system like AirFinder includes both the components necessary to tag an asset you need to track and then visualize location in real time via a User Interface.

Improving Process Efficiencies

Optimizing workflow saves companies time and money. Knowing the location of equipment, inventory or pallets can reduce search time and keep shipments moving to your customers more quickly. When equipment goes missing, there can be downtime while waiting for a new part to come in or be created. Being unable to locate a pallet of inventory could delay shipment and cause delays to your customer. Using a real-time location system prevents downtime and instead gives the location of the misplaced asset so that your team can operate efficiently.

Loss Prevention

Equipment and shipments can get lost while traveling between warehouses or to a customer. Depending on how much the items are worth, this can cost your company a lot of money to replace and can slow down the overall time it takes for a product to get to its final destination. Instead of constantly having to replace and search for lost items, invest in a system that will locate the lost items for you. This will provide more trust with your clients and better customer service.

Knowing where your vehicles and materials are and when they’re moving is crucial for logistics companies. Remote assets can get lost while on the road and tracking their location can help you recover them, save money and make sure your customers are receiving their orders correctly and on-time. 

Do you have returnable pallets? We’ve helped customers recover up to 4x the cost of their IoT platform by recovering missing pallets, and we may be able to do the same for you.

AirFinder Everywhere SuperTag Solution

AirFinder Everywhere is an indoor and outdoor asset tracking system created to ease the process of supply chain management and reduce capital costs in logistics companies. This asset tracking solution has an outdoor accuracy of about 10 feet outdoors and 3 feet indoors (depending on use, business need and environment). The SuperTag battery lasts from to 3-7 years depending on which tag you choose and how you customize the solution. Customize by choosing how often the tag updates location and which network is preferred (GPS, Cellular, WiFi, or the AirFinder OnSite network when indoors). If you’re looking for even greater battery longevity, there’s a rechargeable option available.

Do you think you would benefit from location tracking or one of the use cases discussed above?  AirFinder Everywhere caters to a variety of use cases. If you think that your logistics company would benefit from real-time location data on shipments or equipment, book a demo with us today!

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