Link Labs and Wirepas plan to change the asset tracking game with the combination of Wirepas Massive and Link Labs AirFinder. Take a look at how this partnership will affect customers in many industries, not only nationwide but globally.

Wirepas Massive Network

As IoT grows, companies are understandably adopting the technology. The ability to digitize workplace processes is crucial for future success and staying ahead of the competition. Companies must deploy IoT on a massive scale because it plays a role in staying competitive in various sectors. Wirepas Massive provides that as the connectivity suite allows companies to connect, manage, and locate millions of devices. 

Wirepas looks to provide customers with this solution without unnecessary factors such as subscription fees, infrastructure costs, wires, or middlemen. With an emphasis on keeping things autonomous, Wirepas Massive can assist customers without the fear of failure and interference nightmares no matter how many devices they want to connect.

The future of IoT networks is here! Watch this on-demand webinar for more information.


Link Labs AirFinder OnSite

Link Labs AirFinder OnSite utilizes the power of Bluetooth Low Energy and our patented Xtreme Low Energy for both energy-efficient and accurate indoor location tracking. Proven to be useful in many industries, AirFinder OnSite has unlimited applications. Whether it be for use cases such as tracking equipment, work-in-process, inventory management, and many others, Link Labs AirFinder can be the solution that your company needs to improve workplace efficiency. 

So what does the partnership do for AirFinder OnSite? This partnership will bring customers even more benefits and connectivity. With Wirepas Massive, AirFinder OnSite users can benefit even more from scalability, reliability, and low power consumption. This integration will also allow for global expansion.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar

To learn more about how this partnership will look to advance the world of IoT, view this on-demand webinar. Experts from both Link Labs and Wirepas cover topics such as product evolution, architecture and integration, use cases, benefits, and more.

Link Labs

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