With Christmas in a few days, we decided to lighten it up for two reasons. First off, you’re probably not working too hard today (or maybe you’re cramming to get it all done and this article will flop), but second, we wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season.

These days, Santa’s got a bit more help than in the old days, and a lot of it comes down to the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Here’s what Christmas looks like in the IoT age:


The little guys may be able to retire, or at least cut back on some of the crazy hours they work leading up to Christmas. The IoT has led to smart assembly lines that can automatically power equipment on or off through a network of sensors and remote control. That’ll save the elves from having to physically flip switches at the right time. You can learn more about what TI is doing with smart assembly lines.

The Polar Express

As the Polar Express jugs up to the North Pole these days, it’s communicating data back to Polar Express headquarters in real time. That’s because the Internet of Things has made locomotives smart. These machines (like the one GE has built at #5 here) track and report back about hundreds of thousands of data points.

The Sleigh

We should all give Santa a ton of credit still, but that doesn’t mean we can’t point out that he’s riding in style these days. Santa now has a remote starter (an IoT app that uses Bluetooth to communicate from his your keys to the car, for example) so he can get the sled nice and warm for takeoff.

Santa’s Route

In that fancy IoT sleigh, Santa can provide a way for the North Pole to track where he is through GPS. This type of asset device is a classic IoT application used for assets, pets, and more. And as he treks along through the night, smart street lights will light his way.

Christmas Lights

No longer do families have to walk around to each window and the tree to shut off Christmas lights every year. With smart Christmas lights, you can control them remotely from a mobile application. In this example, you can even change colors from the app.


Want to spice up your holiday party a bit? A motion sensing mistletoe could play music when someone is standing under it. We haven’t seen this as an actual product (and we don’t plan to build it ourselves), but it’s possible and easy to build.


You’ve probably heard about the Nest Learning Thermostat. We have one in our office. It’s pretty popular these days, and we’re assuming it’ll be a top tech gift this Christmas. The thermostat learns your schedule and programs itself to shut off when you’re not around. It can also be controlled remotely from your smartphone. Keep an eye out for one coming your way this Christmas.

So that wraps it up. You can see how different Christmas looks in 2014 with the advancements made in the Internet of Things world. If you’re new here, and want to know why we’re writing about this, you can learn more about the wireless networks we build to power IoT applications.

Otherwise, keep in touch on Twitter, and have a safe and happy holiday.


Jennifer Halstead

Written by Jennifer Halstead

Jennifer Halstead, MBA, CPA brings more than 20 years financial industry experience to Link Labs. She began her career in finance within the pharmaceutical industry and has continued in both public accounting and private companies. She passed the CPA exam with the 3rd highest score in the state and completed her MBA with an accounting concentration (summa cum laude). Jennifer has worked with several software companies and has led multiple venture financing, merger and acquisitions deals. She has helped companies expand internationally and has managed the finance department of a startup to 33 consecutive quarters of growth prior to acquisition. After the acquisition, she served as the Controller of Dell Software Group’s Data Protection Division where she managed a portfolio of multiple hardware and software products to scale and achieve over triple-digit growth worldwide in 18 months. Jennifer brings a depth of finance experience to the Link Labs team.

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