Technology is constantly being improved and expanded, to include recent reality-altering concepts such as the Metaverse. One of the other recent driving forces for tech innovation is the pandemic. Businesses had to quickly adapt to a modified way of working as more and more employees began working from home or became unemployed.

One key way companies continue to keep their supply chains moving is by looking to companies like Link Labs to provide an innovative asset tracking and monitoring solution.

Link Labs has created the first-of-its-kind asset tracking system to provide companies with complete visibility of their powered and non-powered equipment both indoors and outdoors. The easy-to-use system was developed to be an affordable industrial IoT solution so users can rely on real time data for important assets.

What is SuperTag?

SuperTag is an asset tracking and monitoring device as part of the AirFinder Everywhere solution. It simply attaches to the assets you’d like to monitor and track, and then sends location data and other information, such as temperature and motion detection, to the Link Labs User Interface (UI). SuperTag leverages customizable connectivity options such as WiFi, cellular ID, GPS, and the AirFinder OnSite Network. This enables optimal battery life while providing users to stay connected no matter where SuperTags go.

SuperTags help to reduce capital costs by always knowing where business-critical assets, equipment or inventory are located.  If you’re transporting or storing sensitive items like food or pharmaceuticals, temperature monitoring is also of utmost importance.  By analyzing historical data related to both temperature and motion, businesses can better manage their assets and reduce costs.

How Tracking Works with SuperTag

Step 1: Attach tags to individual assets that need tracked
Once you acquire your asset tracking tags, the first step to set-up is choosing the assets you want to track and attaching the tags to those assets.  Link Labs offers brackets specifically designed to adhere to materials to make installation easy.

Step 2: Set up IoT software
Once the tags are attached to the assets you want to track, go online to connect them to the AirFinder Network.  Through the UI, you can label each tag to easily identify what tag belongs to which asset.

Step 3: Select location technologies
Once you connect the tags to the AirFinder UI, you can choose location network setting priority to locate the tags. Once you establish a primary location connection, you can then organize the rest based on your needs. For example, GPS provides the most accurate location, but uses the most battery life compared to other technologies, so users may choose to use cellular ID as a primary option.

Step 4: Determine how often the asset tags update
Once location connectivity options are set, users can choose how often the tags update. The more often a tag updates, the more battery it uses. You are in control of your assets and can easily see and manage battery life.

Which SuperTag is Right for Me?

Link Labs offers varying SuperTags suitable for a company’s unique use case.

  • Pro: The SuperTag Pro is 2.9 x 2.8 x .09 inches in size with battery life of up to 3 years depending on the network type and how often it is updated.

supertag pro

  • Plus: The SuperTag Plus is 3.3 x 4.6 x 1.3 inches in size and has a battery life of up to 7 years depending on the network type and how often it’s updated.

supertag plus

  • Rechargeable SuperTag: The Rechargeable SuperTag is 2.2 x 2.2 x .7 inches and has all of the same capabilities as SuperTag Pro and Plus, but with a rechargeable battery that can last for months at a time.

rechargeable supertag

SuperTag Hub

How do you get Bluetooth Low Energy on-the-go or between locations? Bluetooth tags are generally used for indoor tracking, but they are appealing because the tags are small and cost much less. The answer: SuperTag Hub.

SuperTag Hub brings indoor and outdoor location tracking and monitoring together. The SuperTag acts as an access point and gateway so users can connect to surrounding Bluetooth tags and send asset location and condition information to the cloud, even from the road.

The SuperTag is set up with a filter mask allowing it to scan for surrounding Bluetooth LE tags. This allows companies to use smaller tags at a lower cost while still visualizing the data in our UI. With SuperTag Hub you track up 128 tags. SuperTag Hub scans the area for Bluetooth LE tags at chosen intervals, while updating its own location with every scan. If they don’t detect any Bluetooth LE tags, the SuperTag still sends an uplink with its own location.

Need to track things together over the road or across multiple locations? From surgical trays to equipment associated with a specific truck to returnable pallets with different inventory, the SuperTag Hub may be the answer to tracking many things together.

Industries Impacted

Some industries that benefit from SuperTag as part of AirFinder Everywhere include logistics, rental service companies, and healthcare.

  • Logistics: One way logistics companies find value from the Link Labs solution is through the increased visibility of materials on trailers. This provides real-time location data on shipments as well as equipment. Companies can then optimize workflows and see overall process improvements.
  • Equipment rental companies: Rental companies often experience missing equipment as a result of  theft. SuperTag can help deter theft and minimize equipment replacement costs. If a piece of equipment was not returned, you can track its location in order to get it back.
  • Healthcare: In the healthcare industry, critical equipment (such as an infusion pump) often moves from a point of origin (hospital) to another care facility for specialized treatment.  A major issue is when a hospital doesn’t have visibility to healthcare equipment and it goes missing.  By leveraging SuperTag for equipment, hospitals can shorten or eliminate “cannot find lists” to maintain compliance and reduce capital expenditures from lost or stolen equipment. 

Wrapping it Up

Link Labs innovative solution, SuperTag, increases visibility of remote assets and adds value to customers by giving them greater transparency into asset location. With SuperTag, you can quickly recover lost assets, ensure products get to customers on time, and so much more. To find out how your company can benefit from SuperTag, book a demo with us today.

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