Trailers play one of the most important roles in the supply chain. However, their value makes them attractive targets for thieves. When your company falls victim to trailer theft, the rest of your supply chain operations are affected. There is a wide range of effective measures fleet managers can take to ensure trailer security. Whether your company is big or small, these tips and strategies will help ensure your peace of mind and keep your trailer safe and secure.


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Understanding the Risks

Understanding the risks of trailer theft is of paramount importance as it empowers fleet managers to take proactive measures to safeguard their trailers. Trailer theft is an unfortunate reality that no company is immune to, resulting in significant financial losses and delayed processes. By comprehending the potential risks, owners can make informed decisions to mitigate vulnerabilities and enhance security in order to reduce both the risk and the impact of theft. The awareness of the risks of trailer theft enables fleet managers to evaluate the security measures they have in place and identify any gaps in their current setup. This self-assessment is crucial for devising a comprehensive security plan that caters to the specific needs and circumstances of individual trailer owners. By staying vigilant and implementing appropriate security measures, fleet managers can significantly reduce the risk of theft and protect their trailers and cherished memories associated with them.

Security Issues Fleet Managers Should Be Aware Of

Trailer Theft

Trailer theft occurs in a multitude of scenarios. Opportunistic thieves often strike warehouses or storage facilities. On the other hand, organized theft rings may plan elaborate schemes to steal trailers with valuable cargo, leading to substantial financial losses for companies. Fleet managers should be aware of the prevalence of trailer theft. Trailer theft is a lucrative criminal activity due to both the high resale value of trailers and the valuable cargo they carry. Recognizing the scale of this issue instills a sense of urgency to implement robust security measures. Additionally, fleet managers need to understand the common motives behind trailer theft sheds light on the various scenarios in which trailers become targets. Whether it's opportunistic theft from poorly secured trailers left unattended or premeditated theft of trailers loaded with valuable cargo, knowing the potential motivations allows fleet managers to preemptively address these vulnerabilities.

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is a growing and alarming problem that poses significant risks to the supply chain industry and the economy as a whole. It refers to the criminal act of stealing cargo from trucks, trailers, or warehouses during transit or storage. This form of theft occurs across various industries, affecting shipments of goods ranging from electronics and pharmaceuticals to food and apparel. Criminals often target shipments that are high in value, easily resalable, or in demand in the black market. They often employ sophisticated methods, including cargo theft rings and organized crime, to execute well-planned heists.
The consequences of cargo theft are far-reaching and have widespread implications. Companies suffer significant financial losses, as the stolen cargo can amount to millions of dollars. The disruption in the supply chain can lead to delays in product deliveries, impacting consumer availability and trust. Moreover, cargo theft can affect insurance costs and decrease profit margins for companies in the long run.

Security Measures to Take

High-Quality Locks

High-quality locks play a crucial role in preventing the theft of trailers by providing an effective and robust security barrier against potential criminals. When it comes to safeguarding trailers, relying on flimsy or subpar locks can leave them vulnerable to theft. However, investing in heavy-duty, high-quality locks significantly enhances the security of trailers, acting as a powerful deterrent to potential thieves. The primary benefit of using high-quality locks is their resistance to tampering and forced entry. These locks are constructed with durable materials, making them difficult to break or pick, thwarting even the most determined thieves. Additionally, high-quality locks often come with advanced features such as anti-drill plates and pick-resistant mechanisms, further enhancing their security capabilities. Moreover, the visibility of high-quality locks sends a clear message to potential thieves that the trailer is well-protected. Criminals are more likely to target trailers with weak or no visible security measures, making trailers equipped with heavy-duty locks less appealing targets. By installing these locks, trailer owners can significantly reduce the risk of theft, ensuring their trailers and the valuable cargo they carry remain safe and protected.

Secure Parking and Storage

Secure parking and storage facilities play a crucial role in preventing the theft of trailers by creating a fortified environment that acts as a strong deterrent to potential thieves. Parking trailers in well-monitored and secure areas significantly reduces the risk of theft and vandalism, offering peace of mind to owners whether they are using their trailers for commercial or recreational purposes. A key advantage of secure parking is the presence of surveillance cameras and personnel. These facilities often have 24/7 monitoring, which not only deters thieves but also aids in the quick identification and apprehension of any suspicious individuals attempting to tamper with or steal trailers. The mere presence of cameras acts as a powerful psychological deterrent, dissuading criminals from attempting theft. Secure parking facilities also employ access control measures, limiting entry and exit points and ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed on the premises. This controlled access prevents unauthorized individuals from approaching trailers and provides an additional layer of security.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras play a pivotal role in preventing the theft of trailers by deterring potential criminals from targeting them. The presence of visible cameras around trailers creates a powerful psychological deterrent, dissuading thieves from attempting theft. The knowledge that their actions are being recorded and monitored significantly reduces the chances of criminals taking the risk. Moreover, surveillance cameras serve as a crucial investigative tool in case of theft attempts. Footage captured by these cameras serves as valuable evidence to law enforcement agencies, aiding in identifying and apprehending the culprits. This not only increases the chances of recovering stolen trailers but also acts as a warning to potential thieves that their actions will be closely scrutinized.

Modern surveillance cameras often come equipped with advanced features, such as motion sensors and night vision capabilities. These features enable cameras to detect any suspicious movement around trailers, triggering alerts and allowing for immediate action to be taken. Whether it's notifying security personnel or sending alerts to the fleet manager, these smart camera features enhance the overall security measures. Furthermore, the digital nature of surveillance camera systems allows for remote monitoring. Trailer owners or security personnel can access live feeds and recorded footage from their smartphones or computers, even when they are not physically present at the trailer's location. By integrating surveillance cameras into trailer security measures, fleet managers can rest assured that their valuable investments are well-protected and that potential thieves will think twice before targeting their trailers.

Trailer Tracking Solutions

Trailer tracking systems play a crucial role in preventing the theft of trailers by providing real-time monitoring and enabling swift response in case of unauthorized movements. Utilizing a trailer tracker offers a high level of security, giving trailer owners and authorities the ability to track and locate their trailers at all times. A trailer tracking solution provides immediate notification in the case of theft attempts. If a trailer is moved across the geofence without authorization, the trailer tracking device sends an instant alert to the fleet manager, signaling a security breach. This prompt notification allows for immediate action to recover the trailers or the cargo on those trailers. Additionally, trailer tracking systems enable continuous monitoring of the trailer's location, even when it is in transit. Real-time tracking allows owners to keep a close eye on their trailers throughout the journey, ensuring that it follows the designated route and reaches the intended destination safely. Any deviations from the planned route can raise suspicion and prompt investigation.

The ability to remotely monitor the trailer's movements through tracking systems is especially valuable during off-hours or when the trailer is left unattended. Trailer owners can access live tracking data from their, providing peace of mind and facilitating quick response in case of any unexpected activities.

How to Use AirFinder Everywhere To Protect Your Trailers

AirFinder Everywhere is a cutting-edge trailer tracking solution that greatly enhances trailer security. To get started, simply install the compact and discreet tracking device inside of the trailer and activate it through the AirFinder web portal. Once activated, the real-time monitoring feature provides continuous updates on the trailer's location, enabling owners to track its whereabouts at all times. Additionally, AirFinder Everywhere offers geofencing capabilities, allowing users to set virtual boundaries for their trailers. If the trailer crosses this virtual boundary, the system triggers an instant alert to the fleet manager, facilitating immediate action in case of unauthorized movements. Fleet managers can access the tracking system remotely through the web portal, providing convenient trailer lookup. Moreover, the presence of AirFinder Everywhere acts as a powerful anti-theft deterrent, discouraging potential thieves from targeting the trailers. With access to historical tracking data and reports, owners can analyze past routes and locations to identify patterns or potential risks.

The AirFinder Everywhere product, SuperTag, has the ability to be put in hub mode enabling the tracking of cargo on the trailers. A tag can be placed on each pallet or on each package on the trailer. The SuperTag attached to the trailer will scan for the OnSite tags attached to pallets and report the locations. If a tag is missing, fleet managers will be alerted so the pallet can be retrieved. AirFinder is a comprehensive tracking solution that empowers trailer owners to monitor and safeguard their valuable assets effectively and makes their trailers smart, significantly reducing the risk of theft and ensuring trailer security at all times.

Are Your Trailers Secure?

As the logistics industry expands, so do the challenges of maintaining trailer security. The frequency of cargo theft and unauthorized access continues to rise, so logistics companies must adopt comprehensive strategies to ensure the security of their trailers. By implementing the right security measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of trailer and cargo theft. Book a demo with our team of experts to discover how you can use AirFinder to keep your trailers and cargo secure.

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