Each company has different reasons why they could benefit from implementing a system for tracking and monitoring assets. Many take the first step by implementing a Real Time Location System (RTLS) pilot. But what criteria should be used to determine if the pilot is worth further exploration? The answer is data. There is a difference between using an asset tracking system to gather data and then using that data to take action. Actionable data and insights are an essential part of any organization's asset tracking strategy. Here are some ways that Link Labs’ AirFinder data can help your company.

An important aspect of an asset tracking system is the data collected by the User Interface to make actionable decisions.

Location Mapping

Location mapping is used to show where on a map each tag is located. Each company uploads a map of their facility or chooses an area of an outdoor map. The tag locations will show up on each map based on xyz coordinates.

Tableau Integration

This integration is not used often but is available to those who want access to it. This is an app that takes the data from a company’s database and puts it into a reporting structure.

Indoor zone tracking and monitoring via the AirFInder RTLS system allows users to quickly visualize important asset dataZone Tracking

You are able to define geofences for each work zone. Set-up alerts to be notified when tagged equipment is moving from one zone to another.

Embedded Sensors

Link Labs’ SuperTags (as part of AirFinder) enable users to monitor critical data such as temperature, humidity, acceleration, and more. Through this information, users are more empowered to access data beyond just location tracking to make more informed decisions about the materials and assets they want to monitor.

Battery Usage

Through the AirFinder UI, users can quickly visualize remaining battery life of asset tags. This helps ensure you never lose sight of your assets through being able to plan ahead to replace or recharge batteries.

Inventory Management

Overstocking or under stocking inventory can be a major pain point for companies. By being able to visualize how much inventory you have on hand, you can both quickly locate what you’re looking for and see if you need to order more materials.

API Integration

API is a software integration system that allows the AirFinder UI to be used within existing systems. API connects two systems together so information can be transferred between them with ease. AirFinder stores data in the tags and the tag reports the information through our patented software to provide an API call.

How Can Link Labs Assist You?

One of the strengths of the Link Labs’ AirFinder system is the user interface that provides easy-to-understand data. Having a visual of equipment and inventory in real-time is key to maintaining workplace operations. When critical equipment is needed, our asset tracking system will ensure that you will quickly find it. If you are looking for an RTLS solution for your operations, then AirFinder might be the right solution. Feel free to book a demo and learn more.

Written by Jon Valentin

Jon Valentin, MBA is a Regional Business Development Representative for Link Labs. He helps companies that are experiencing problems with equipment visibility and other areas in their business and leads discovery workshops to coordinate solution development. He has an MBA in Business Administration and Management from Pensacola Christian College.

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