Are the companies around you starting to use RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems)? Have you ever wondered why? It might be because RTLS provides value across multiple industries. If you’re in the healthcare industry, here are benefits exclusive to you. Examples of real-time location systems in healthcare include tracking medicine and equipment. Implementing RTLS in hospitals can provide crucial cost-controlling and life-saving benefits.

Track and monitor your assets better than ever before with a RTLS!


There are numerous ways that RTLS can help the healthcare industry. Hospitals have millions of dollars worth of medical equipment throughout their facilities. Some of these products spend more time in circulation than actually in-use. One cost that RTLS can prevent is time spent looking for misplaced equipment. Having a digital display that shows the location of capital assets can give healthcare managers peace of mind.

Healthcare Equipment Tracking

Healthcare equipment spends time circulating throughout hospitals and medical facilities. Tracking this equipment can be difficult. However, with our RTLS system, Link-Labs can help save you from the headache of looking for a needle in a haystack.


Increase Overall Efficiency

By spending less time searching for missing equipment, healthcare employees will find immediate productivity and efficiency boosts. Eliminate challenges in healthcare environments such as equipment hoarding and improve par level management.

Can Your Healthcare Facility Improve with RTLS?

The healthcare industry can benefit greatly from the use of RTLS.  From productivity gains to ROI impact, many healthcare systems are finding relief with RTLS. Link Labs’ AirFinder solution is leading the way in how hospitals perform daily processes.  For more information, book a demo today.

Written by Jasen Thacker

Jasen Thacker is a Regional Business Development Manager at Link Labs and brings more than 15 years of experience in selling IoT solutions to healthcare companies. He is responsible for developing positive client relationships and providing engagement services to implement client programs aligning to client strategies specializing in the healthcare industry. Prior to his career in sales, Jasen served in the U.S. Navy as Damage Controlman.

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