As the world of IoT expands, companies are looking for ways to provide secure and swift communication between IoT devices. Many are turning to both edge-based and cloud-based IoT solutions to manage the vast amounts of data collected by the approximately 11.57 billion IoT devices worldwide. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between IoT Edge and IoT Hub solutions.

Which one is better for your business needs: Edge computing or Hub computing?

What is IoT Edge?

IoT edge devices employ edge computing to process data near the location where it is collected. Because IoT edge devices process data locally rather than sending information to the cloud, they can often process data in real-time.

In fact, according to Gartner, approximately 75% of enterprise-generated data will be processed outside the cloud by 2025. With the growing emphasis on decentralized data processing, more companies will turn to edge computing for swift data creation, storage, and usage.


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What is IoT Hub?

An IoT Hub employs cloud computing to process data. Cloud-based IoT solutions use the cloud to manage, support and automate multiple IoT devices. These “hubs” are the centers for billions of messages spread among many IoT devices. Rather than processing data locally, IoT hubs use cloud computing to process data collected from remote devices.

Link Labs offers an IoT Hub solution: SuperTag Hub.  This solution uses a single tag or “hub” that connects to surrounding tags so send information quickly to the cloud where users can visualize asset location, and other data, in real time.

When to Use IoT Hub or IoT Edge?

When speed is the goal, IoT edge devices are the most useful for companies that need to collect, process, and act on data in real-time. When a company needs a central controller to collect and process data from multiple devices in remote locations, an IoT hub or similar cloud computing service will be the most useful solution.

Want to Use IoT to Track Your Valuable Assets?

Link Labs has created a powerful solution to help improve workplace processes. The AirFinder SuperTag Hub provides affordable real-time tracking and monitoring indoors, outdoors and on the road to help enable more streamlined processes such as material tracking and monitoring. If you want to learn more about implementing a solution, request more information today.

IoT Edge and IoT Hub devices can be used to send data quickly to the cloud. Learn more about Link Labs technology by requesting information.

Michael Jenkins

Written by Michael Jenkins

Michael is Vice President of Business Development at Link Labs with overall responsibility for our relationships with Carrier Partners. With 20+ years of sales leadership experience, Michael is an innovative and results oriented executive with a proven track record in developing and championing creative solutions to meet business objectives while increasing revenues and profits. In his previous role at AT&T, Michael led a highly experienced team of engineering, sales and consulting professionals that worked with AT&T’s largest global clients in the Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Industry headquarterd in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Michael’s extensive background in developing enterprise IT solutions provides him with the expertise and experience to assist companies in transforming their business through the adoption of emerging technologies. Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry as well as a Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia.

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