Have you ever struggled as a manager to achieve your goals because of gaps in your process? Maybe you’ve created a technology that doesn’t work on its own but may work with a technology someone else has made. Bringing those two technologies together can enhance the technology you created and give it new abilities through a technology partnership.


Increase Your ROI by Investing in AirFinder Everywhere

  • Loss Prevention. Reduce the amount of loss that occurs during the supply chain process
  • Location Coverage. AirFinder Everywhere uses a combination of GPS, Cellular, and WiFi to determine location everywhere
  • Security Alerts. Know when a delay in shipment has occurred so the problem
    can be addressed immediately.


Having a partner makes life easier. A partner can fill in the gaps that you can’t fill yourself, saving you both time and resources. In the IoT space, partners are very important. There are incredibly complex pieces that go into making an IoT platform work and there are a lot of resources already available. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and we’ve done the work of pulling together cutting-edge technologies into a platform that solves hard problems for its customers. Link Labs has a partnership program so we can receive help from and provide help to our partners. With all the different types of partnerships out there, it’s difficult to determine which type you should partner with. There is no IoT partner better than another. They all serve different purposes. Let’s break down each type so you can determine which you need to fill in any gaps you have.

Partnership Types


In a reseller partnership, our partner can resell our technology and hardware to provide value to the companies they serve. We don’t always have the capacity to reach all the people other companies can or even contacts at some companies. However, those companies still have a need for our solution. You can resell our solution to other companies so they can still benefit from asset tracking. When you resell our solution, you are able to add an additional revenue stream in an uncomplicated way. We have the solution, you have the relationship with customers. This way, both parties in the partnership are saving time and resources while increasing revenue.


Our technology partnership provides a way to enhance both our and our partner's solutions. When it comes to technology, no one knows everything. We’re proud of our solution, but we know that there’s always room for improvement. Sometimes that improvement can come from combining our solution with another company’s IoT technology solution. If another technology company has put in the work to create something amazing that can integrate with our solution to advance it, it’s wise for us to partner with them. This way, we don’t have to use our resources to create something comparable. We work with technology partners to combine our products and bring the most affordable, high-impact technology to the asset tracking space. 


Referral partnerships are when our partner brings us qualified leads to pursue and vice versa. These partners aren’t involved in every step of the sales process like a reseller, but we value the referrals and work collaboratively to provide the best solutions to their customers. Through this arrangement, companies tap into each other's customer bases, leveraging existing trust and credibility. By recommending complementary offerings, they enhance the overall value proposition for their clientele. These partnerships at times operate similarly to resellers, since it involves leveraging another company’s customer base. The difference exists since the partner would pass the customers off to us to sell to directly when we provide something they do not and vice versa.

Managed Service Provider

This partnership type was designed to offload the complexities of managing and maintaining an organization's IT infrastructure. Managed service providers often manage a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or the end-users’ systems. Outsourcing these activities allows us to focus on the creation of and improvement to our solution. We can pass along these tasks to trusted partners that are already an expert in this area. We partner with managed service providers so we can offer additional services to our customers and make their overall customer experience better with better security. 

Independent Software Vendors

We provide software solutions to companies. Our software needs to be on hardware to be utilized by our customers. Since we are professionals in the software realm, we partner with companies who create hardware that we can embed our software on. It’s a better use of time and resources to partner with a company to do the things we aren’t an expert in than to try to do it ourselves. 


No matter which type of consultant you are, your end goal is to help your clients solve the problems they come across. To do your job effectively, you need to have solutions to whatever issue they may come across. If you’re a consultant for a company that manages assets, loss is a problem they will deal with. When you partner with Link Labs, you have the solution for them to overcome their struggle of lost assets. 

What Sets Our IoT Partnership Program Apart?

Training and Support

We don’t want you to sign on to be our partner and be thrown into the fire without any preparation. We want you to find success, so we offer you training and support. Each type of partner will need different support in order to find success, so we tailor it to each situation. If you’re a reseller or consultant, we’ll train you in selling our solution along with providing best practices. And it doesn’t end after initial training. As needs come up throughout our partnership, we’ll provide you with the support you need.

Marketing Support

If your partnership with us requires you to perform marketing activities, we want to help! We have a marketing team that has created a variety of resources that will be resourceful for you. We can even create co-brand materials to show our alignment.

Easy Integration

Our solution has an open API and MQTT for easy integration access. This makes it easy to work with other IoT technology companies and merge our solutions together. Having a partnership shouldn’t be stressful, it should make things operate smoothly. Having an open API and MQTT is a way for us to make partnering with us that much easier.

Additional Revenue Streams

The elephant in the room tends to be - what do you gain being a partner of Link Labs? Additional revenue is the main benefit. Now, each partner type will gain something different depending on the partnership, but at the end of the day, every type of partner will be earning more after being our partner. The additional revenue simply comes in different ways. For example, a reseller will have a new product to sell while a technology partner will be increasing their revenue since they’ll be selling a better product. Working together, we can increase your revenue streams with one of the Link Labs partnerships. We offer resources to shorten the sales cycle and improve response time. We think outside of the box on ways to help companies achieve new revenue models using our technology.

Access to Expert Location Engineers

A full IoT solution is complex. We’ve spent over a decade and millions of dollars creating one, both with our own patents and with integrations to third-party solutions. We’ve talked to companies who want to be their own self-integrator and pull these pieces together, and they’ve learned the hard way that it doesn’t work. No one person can be an expert in all the pieces that work together to form the solution, from network layer, edge processing, hardware, firmware, software, data and analytics, security, scalability, alerting, back-end database architecture, and reporting. We’ve found what works to provide the precision and reliability you need for specific use cases, all at an affordable cost. We have different team members who provide different perspectives on these various items to easily implement a solution that drives value.

Create Real ROI for Your Customers

We’re all about optimizing processes: we’ll help you use real-time data and analytics to show your customers where bottlenecks are and improve their production or bottom-line. We help you build ROI models that help your customers realize optimizations and reduce costs. Customer experience is improved when there is transparency and communication. Products are built at a higher quality when the production process is monitored from beginning to end. Customers also receive them in a timely manner. Providing a good experience will keep customers returning to you, and we partner with you to provide that.

Develop a Journey Partner

We’re not just about a quick sale: we work with our partners and customers to come alongside and develop solutions that truly work. If we’re not the right solution, we’ll refer you to a different technology. We bring a consulting approach with brainstorming sessions to solve hard technical problems and deliver real results through process improvements and new revenue streams. Just like there’s no one-size-fits-all IoT solution, there’s no one-size-fits-all Partner Program. We’ll work with you to find a solution that is mutually beneficial and tailor the journey to your needs. 

Ready to Begin?

Having a partner is essential for success in business. Each can help the other to achieve their full potential. Our partner programs are designed to be mutually beneficial to both parties. We provide training and certifications so you can grow your revenue. We offer sales incentives, discounts, and PaaS programs. We strive to make a difference through each partner type by enhancing your customers’ experience. Contact us today to start your partnership journey with Link Labs!



Written by Emily Saldivar

Emily Saldivar is a Marketing Specialist for Link Labs and has been with the company since 2020. She has a background in content writing and is furthering the Link Labs mission through social media and other platforms.

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