Why does IoT technology matter for logistics companies? Is IoT technology revolutionizing the supply chain? Who is the industry's leading provider of IoT technology for logistics companies? These questions are important to ask yourself if you are a logistics company in need of a system to enhance your company's overall efficiency and organization.

In modern society, the supply chain and logistics industry is heavily data-driven and requires monitoring multiple activities simultaneously. IoT technology has the capability to recreate the logistics world into a more advanced and smarter place where everything is made easier. Through IoT technology, logistics companies are provided with the tools to plan, monitor, secure, and locate all of their assets. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why IoT matters for logistics companies!

Increased Visibility

Implementing a real-time location system is the best way to improve process efficiency within a logistics company. An RTLS is a type of IoT technology that is used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real-time. In other words, real-time location tracking gives companies visibility into where assets are at all times throughout the day. In logistics, RTLS allows supply chain managers to connect vehicles, equipment, and devices for real-time status updates. Providing your managers with IoT technology allows them to make timely decisions to keep assets moving efficiently. Having increased visibility through asset tracking can also be valuable as it reduces error. Employees will be provided with complete visibility directly through the IoT software, allowing them to no longer waste time scanning items.

Cold Chain Monitoring

IoT technology provides a way for logistics companies to monitor the cold chain. Cold chain temperature tracking devices monitor the real-time temperature of foods and other sensitive assets. An alert is then sent to the end-user when food, medicine, or chemical is close to an unsafe temperature. For logistics companies, real-time cold chain tracking through IoT technology provides a way to promote accountability and organization throughout your entire supply chain.

Not only is cold chain monitoring important for ensuring the safety of the temperature of your assets, but also it is important for remaining compliant with the  FSMA regulation. The new FDA regulation, Food Safety Modernization Act, has a list of rules that the cold supply chain must follow. One of these rules is called the sanitary transport rule. The sanitary transport rule requires reefer trailer monitoring because the monitoring allows managers to know if something goes wrong, and gives them the ability to address the situation immediately. Through IoT technology, your logistics company will remain compliant with the regulations and stay on top of preventing foodborne illnesses that come with spoiled items.


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Optimized Routing

With the improved connectivity that IoT technology provides to logistics companies, supply chain managers have the capability to optimize their fleets. What does this mean? Every logistics company has active fleets that must remain efficient for the end user to receive the asset in a timely manner. With asset tracking, logistics companies can plan more efficient routes in advance and view their fleet in real-time to determine whether assets might be delayed. Overall, IoT technology greatly benefits the organization and efficiency of your drivers and managers. 

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Dealing with customers can be a challenge. At Link Labs, we understand that when your company lacks efficiency, the overall satisfaction of customers decreases. A connected supply chain through IoT technology allows your logistics company to increase customer service and satisfaction. As previously mentioned, IoT technology provides companies with real-time updates on where assets are. In return, companies can then relay information back to customers with projected delivery times or if any unexpected delays have occurred. Ultimately, having communication and transparency with customers through IoT technology will boost your customers' experience.

Documentation Management

In the logistics industry, purchasing new equipment usually comes with a lot of documentation and paperwork. With an increase in documentation comes a need for loss prevention. IoT technology has you covered! With IoT technology, logistics workers have the ability to upload all documentation directly to an assets profile in the software. This feature allows logistics employees to be better organized and manage documentation more efficiently.

Is IoT Technology Revolutionizing the Supply Chain?

The possibilities are endless for IoT technology to enhance your company's supply chain. Logistics companies are already beginning to realize the importance of an IoT-enabled supply chain management strategy. IoT technology is without a doubt revolutionizing the logistics and supply chain industries. Through these top five reasons why IoT matters for logistics companies, your company should see that the benefits of implementing IoT technology can be endless for logistics companies. Why is IoT technology revolutionizing the supply chain? It boils down to the fact that IoT technology can reduce any potential bottleneck that may arise in the supply chain.

Who is the Industry's Leading Provider of IoT Technology?

Supply chain and logistic management is a challenging task to solve. Usually, these industries require a large amount of communication and coordination. Link Labs provides the industry's best IoT technology solution for asset tracking! Our AirFinder Everywhere asset tracking system is a complete, cost-effective, cutting-edge, customizable solution created to enhance the efficiency of the logistics and supply chain industries. We understand the importance of ensuring a healthy and efficient supply chain; therefore, we created the best solution to meet the individual needs of our end users!

If you are interested in RTLS and want to learn more about Link Labs asset tracking solutions, contact us today! 

Why IoT Technology Matters in Logistics!

Written by Carlos Carrillo

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