In 2020, COVID-19 severely struck the healthcare logistics industry, specifically in the supply chain. Healthcare personnel, specifically in hospitals, experienced long hours, intense stress, budget cuts, staff shortages, and increased demands. Now that COVID-19 is declining, healthcare companies need to continue rebuilding. To successfully rebuild, it is important to implement strategies that will help your personnel prepare for future crises. One way your healthcare company can boost the overall productivity of the supply chain is by implementing an asset tracking system

Equipment Management

Having an unorganized system for managing equipment is a leading cause of supply chain inefficiencies. COVID-19 showed us that organization is the most important criterion for keeping a supply chain on the right track. Healthcare providers have reported spending hours per week searching for lost equipment. With Link Labs RLTS system, workers will know where their equipment is at any time and from anywhere. Link Labs’ tags are placed on each piece of equipment, allowing the tag to send out a Bluetooth signal that can be tracked via any mobile device. Link Labs' system has proven time and time again that it can enhance the overall efficiency and organization of healthcare companies.

As previously mentioned, equipment management technology can benefit your healthcare company in many ways. Here are a few extra benefits your company will receive by integrating equipment tracking into your workflow.

Equipment Usage Monitoring

In the healthcare logistics industry, there are many moving pieces. Equipment usage monitoring allows supply chain workers to be prepared when maintenance or replacements are due. For healthcare logistics equipment in the supply chain, knowing the status of your equipment is critical. Most of the time, the supply chain consists of sensitive items that need pristine, up-to-date equipment. With AirFinder, companies can view the status of their equipment in real-time!

Supply Chain Process Optimization

Equipment management tracking can be used to optimize processes, which significantly affects healthcare logistics companies' bottom line. Why is it important to optimize processes? Process optimization allows companies to increase efficiency through cost reduction, risk reduction, time management, redundancy elimination, and compliance control. Link Labs’ AirFinder companies will have the ability to optimize processes through equipment management tracking.

Loss & Theft Prevention

Loss and theft inevitably occur in every workspace, especially when pieces are moving. With an on-the-road equipment tracking device like AirFinder Everywhere, your company will be notified immediately if an asset is not where it should be at any time of day. Ultimately, this can help companies monitor loss and theft simultaneously.


Increase Your ROI by Investing in AirFinder Everywhere

  • Loss Prevention. Reduce the amount of loss that occurs during the supply chain process
  • Location Coverage. AirFinder Everywhere uses a combination of GPS, Cellular, and WiFi to determine location everywhere
  • Security Alerts. Know when a delay in shipment has occurred so the problem
    can be addressed immediately.


Personnel Management

AirFinder improves overall staff workflows in hospitals and the supply chain, increases employee satisfaction, and prevents workplace emergencies. 

Improves Staff Workflows

Our asset tracking solution collects data on how staff and equipment move throughout the day. The collection of this data is not meant for any negative reasons; however, it is meant to provide upper management with the ability to trace any operational bottlenecks throughout the day. With this data, companies can make the right decisions on approaching certain bottlenecks. In return, this will increase the workflow of the entire hospital or supply chain for employees and deadlines.

Increases Employee Satisfaction

Increasing employee satisfaction can lead to many benefits for healthcare companies. Having satisfied workers will strengthen your company by lowering employee turnover, increasing employee productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, and promoting loyalty. Furthermore, satisfied employees are more likely to assist in transferring knowledge and skills to other employees. In healthcare logistics companies, this is especially important for the overall management of personnel.

Prevents Workplace Emergencies

Along with COVID, workplace violence and emergencies have also been rising, especially in hospitals. You never know when an emergency may arise at work. In these situations, your company will want to know where your employees are. This can improve not only safety but also overall productivity. By knowing where your workers are, you’ll have a safer and healthier environment. The use of Link Labs asset tracking system will help by improving employee safety, productivity, and overall performance.

How Link Labs Can Help

Link Labs offers the most affordable, real-time asset tracking system for healthcare companies. Our system requires less infrastructure than competitive RTLS systems. Our AirFinder will dramatically improve the efficiency of your supply chain!

At Link Labs, we provide asset tracking solutions that meet the needs of our end users. For healthcare logistics companies we can improve your company's supply chain by implementing our AirFinder Everywhere solution that will allow your company to view its assets in real-time from anywhere. If you want to learn more about Link Labs, and all the many benefits that we can provide to your company, visit our website and book a demo today!Why is Asset Tracking Taking Over Healthcare Logistics Companies?

Written by Carlos Carrillo

Carlos Carrillo is an experienced business leader with a demonstrated history of working in technology, SaaS, IoT, and all things trucking components in the transportation industry. He has built strong relationships with many fleets in the transportation industry providing excellent products, service, and personality. Carlos is skilled in sales ops, telecommunications, supply chain, logistics management, and business development.

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