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Whether you’re looking for a wide-area wireless network to connect your IoT applications, a certified LTE-M module, or a solution for asset tracking and monitoring, Link Labs has the technology that will fit the use case you’re trying to solve.

To learn more, request your free 30-60 minute screen share demo. We’ll walk through the following, depending on the solution you’d like to see:

LTE-M (Cellular)

  • How the LTE-M module works.
  • How to provision a device.
  • How to send and receive messages.
  • What service plans are available on different carriers.

Symphony Link (LoRa)

  • How Symphony Link will work for your low-power, wide area network (LPWAN).
  • How to set up a gateway and a dev kit in the Symphony Conductor.
  • How to send and receive messages.
  • Integration steps, power budgets, and range.

AirFinder (Asset Tracking & Monitoring)

  • How to set up a new account and add devices in the software.
  • Reporting, dashboarding, and analytics capabilities.
  • Your specific asset tracking and monitoring challenges, and how AirFinder can help solve them.

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