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We’re a team of problem-solving engineers, and we get fired up about building the small things for your big IoT ideas.

We want to learn about you, your company, your industry, and the problems you’re looking to solve. We’ve partnered with enterprises, industrial organizations, and municipalities to overcome complex engineering challenges, and we can do the same for you. Once we’ve identified your needs, we can get started with your custom solution.

Our 5-Step Development Process

We see your idea through, from the smallest endpoint all the way to a live application—and we’re there with you for every step. Take a look at the five steps we go through to get your idea out the door, from inception to product release.


Find a connectivity solution.

The first step is to identify what the right connectivity solution is for your IoT product, based on your go-to-market. We’ll walk through cost, battery life, range, and other important factors to help you determine which solution will work with your product.


Determine your network type.

Can you launch off a public network or do you have a private network deployment model? Can you use a standard wireless technology like Bluetooth or WiFi? This step allows us to understand what your network needs are before we move on to design, hardware, and software.


Design your product.

Now that we’ve gotten the high-level questions out of the way, it’s time to get to work designing your custom solution.

During the design stage, we’ll brainstorm the best options for your company, both technically and financially. You can rely on our team’s engineering excellence and industry relationships to bring you the most efficient solution. If you want more detail about the design process, here’s what you can expect:


Technology selection

Size,weight, power,

Environmental ruggedness

Mechanical constraints

Required FCC/ITAR

Unit costs

Total customer value

Competitive analysis



Supply Chain

Initial design files

Regulatory assessment

Power and size estimates

Estimated manufacturing
and service costs


Develop your solution.

As a team of savvy hardware and software engineers, we always look forward to creating the final end-to-end M2M solution you can take to market. We’ll craft the prototypes and iterate each one so it’s better than the last. We practice “agile development,” so you can see a physical solution quickly. At the end of this stage, we’ll deliver the prototypes, design files, test reports, estimates, and a detailed set of future recommendations.


Test and release.

At this stage, we’ve conquered the challenge of building your IoT solution—now it’s time for certification testing and product release. We’re able to assist with vendor selection and certification, or we can fully manage the production. If you want to go with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or licensing agreement, you’ll defer upfront costs to lower your financial risk.

Once your product is fully tested and certified, we will help facilitate your product release.

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