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Link Labs' IoT Evaluation Kit Available at Amazon

Link Labs, which offers an IoT platform for locating, managing and monitoring equipment, supplies and assets, has announced the Amazon availability of its AirFinder SuperTag Pro Evaluation Kit. The commercial tracking device, according to the company, combines GPS/GNSS, Wi-Fi location lookup, Cell ID, Polte and Link Labs' AirFinder Indoor Positioning Network to provide continuous visibility of assets in both indoor and outdoor environments. It transitions from one technology to another as needed and allows for flexible configurations based on an application's unique requirements.

"Our new AirFinder SuperTag Pro Evaluation Kit is a low-risk way for businesses to try out the technology, which merges the very best indoor positioning system and outdoor positioning technologies into one, long-lasting device for asset intelligence, and see how it can track and protect the assets that matter most and reduce costs," said Bob Proctor, Link Labs' co-founder and CEO, in a prepared statement. "The kit, now on sale at Amazon, provides everything a business needs to quickly get up and running, whether it's tracking valuable assets from the warehouse to the yard, the hospital to patient homes, the factory floor to the front door, and everywhere in between. It can be deployed in minutes and is uniquely power-optimized to last years in the field without needing to change batteries."

The kit comes with four AirFinder SuperTag Pro tags, four indoor, battery-powered location beacons, one AirFinder SuperTag mounting bracket, batteries and other mounting hardware, along with a free 90-day AirFinder Web-based app trial, including cellular data usage. The AirFinder SuperTag Pro's configurability allows full control of update rates and location technology prioritization, the company reports, thus ensuring proper latency and battery life, and Link Labs will assist companies with monitoring how devices perform in the field to optimize their use over time.

Location data from each device securely flows to the AirFinder app or directly to customer databases via extensible APIs, providing the ability to locate and monitor assets in real time, as well as analyze asset history, add rules and alerts, establish geofences and more. The system supports firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) upgrades to ensure that its capabilities are continuously evolving, and it has received an IP67 rating for outdoor deployment, indicating it is protected from dust, water and other liquids.

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