Cut unnecessary asset tracking costs.

Cellular-based asset tracking systems are expensive and unnecessary for assets that stay in a defined area, and using RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can require a lot of expensive infrastructure to install. But blending a powerful long-range system like Symphony Link with GPS or BLE can minimize costs and open up a world of possibilities.

Cut unnecessary asset tracking costs.

Save time with simple IT integration.

Pulling wires to RFID readers and connecting them to existing WiFi networks is both expensive and time-consuming—but a Symphony integration is simple, with no IT integration necessary.


Enjoy a simple LPWAN deployment.

Aside from Symphony Link, no other existing technology can monitor assets on the frontier of IoT without a significant investment in infrastructure.

Enjoy a simple LPWAN deployment.

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Defined Area Asset Tracking Use Cases

Shipping & Warehousing

Whether you want to track shipping containers or ensure a cooled warehouse doesn’t hit a high temperature, Symphony Link helps you easily and efficiently track sublot-level packages and goods throughout your supply chain.

Municipalities & Airports

It can be expensive to pay a cellular carrier to monitor buses, vehicles, luggage carts, and fuel around town or at an airport—but by putting several Link Labs gateways around the city, you can improve your vehicle services and cut down on employee costs.

Elderly Care

In home or institutional settings, tracking elderly patients with dementia can be critical to ensure safety. Tracking devices using either Bluetooth to a fixed reader or an embedded GPS transmitter can both alert caregivers or authorities if the person has left the facility and report back the person's position.

Agriculture—Livestock & Pets

Across the cattle ranch or in a neighborhood, pet and agricultural asset tracking sensors are critical to an animal’s well-being. In addition to seeing their location, you can gather data on their internal body temperature, how much they’re eating and drinking, how active they are, and much more.


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