Inventory Management & Monitoring


Increase visibility into customer consumption patterns.

Are you able to accurately gauge the rate at which your product is being consumed? With AirFinder real-time location system (RTLS), powered by Symphony Link’s enterprise network system, you can decrease inventory holdings in your channel and customer sites as well as gain valuable insight into the forces behind your production and distribution.


Gain a competitive advantage.

Not only can you decrease your operational cost, but with an enterprise RTLS, like AirFinder, you can create incentives that prevent companies in your space from threatening your market share. Provide your customers the product or service they need when they need it.

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Use Cases For Inventory Management & Monitoring

Air Gas Cylinder Supplier

Whether you’re supplying carbon dioxide to a restaurant, argon to a welding shop, or oxygen to a hospital, knowing precisely when your customers require new tanks—instead of, say, dropping by every Wednesday—benefits both you and them.

Automotive Lubricant Supplier

Easily monitor the levels of bulk oil, fluids, and other lubricants purchased by vehicle maintenance shops—and only provide delivery services when they actually need to be supplied.

Key AirFinder Features

Simple IT Integration

Symphony Link’s secure, dedicated network cuts down on cost and installation time and doesn’t require access to enterprise IT infrastructure.

Robust, Long-Range Monitoring System

Symphony Link is easy to install and monitor, with enough signal margin to cover big facilities—even if you can’t follow RF best practices.

Inexpensive Deployment & Provisioning

With Symphony Link, there’s no need to uniquely configure each new sensor—it works right out of the box.

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