What are LoRa & LoRaWAN?


is a chirped spread spectrum (CSS) radio modulation format from Semtech.


is the low power, wide-area network (LPWAN) global standard for carrier-operated networks, adopted by the LoRa Alliance.

How LoRa & Link Labs Integrate

Link Labs is a proud member of the LoRa Alliance and has partnered with many
companies in the LoRa ecosystem to build technology on the LoRaWAN platform. We have
also created a product line for smaller networks called Symphony Link, based on an extension of IEEE 802.15.4.

If you’re looking for LoRa-based protocol software and firmware, there are two options:
LoRaWAN and Symphony Link.

Symphony Link
Semtech / LoRa Alliance
Link Labs / IEEE 802.15.4
Carrier Operated Networks
MAC Focus
Uplink Data Traffic
Fully Bidirectional
MAC Controller
Server Driven
Gateway Driven
Downlink Latency
Adaptive Data Rate
Yes (Static)
Yes (Dynamic)
Frequency Band Focus
ITU Region 2 (Europe)
ITU Region 1 (Americas, Etc.)

LoRa™ is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.

LoRa-Enabled Products

Link Labs Low Power LoRa Module


This SX1276-based module is designed for low power (or battery-powered) applications. The low power LoRa module boasts receiver sensitivity of -140 dBm, transmit power of 70 mW, and a sleep current <1 μA (regulated/direct) or 10 μA (unregulated).

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Link Labs High Power LoRa Module


This SX1276-based module hosts the same features as the low power module—including a receiver sensitivity of -140 dBm and a sleep current <1 μA (regulated/direct) or 10 μA (unregulated)—but with 27 dBm output power.

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Link Labs Module Development Kit


If you’re looking to quickly develop your IoT application, this module development kit could be just the ticket. It uses a USB-UART interface for software prototyping, is able to send and receive messages from end nodes to RESTful APIs, and much more. The advanced functionality allows you to do anything from simple range tests to wireless protocol development.

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Link Labs BS-8 LoRa Gateway


This SX1301-based, industrial-grade gateway is capable of supporting thousands of endpoints with eight simultaneous receive channels. The LL-BS-8 is optimized for use with Link Labs Symphony modules and also other modules compliant with the LoRaWAN standard.

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LoRa Resources

We write about LoRa and complementary issues on our blog. See if these are helpful.

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