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The world’s first end-device-certified LTE Cat-M1 modem for battery-powered applications.

LTE Cat-M1 Carrier-Certified Expansion Board

  • The world's first end-device certified LTE Cat-M1 device
  • FCC Modular Certification, Verizon end-device certified, and pre-provisioned on the Verizon network
  • No additional carrier certification required
  • eDRX and PSM mode - ready*
  • Easy to integrate with new and existing applications using UART API to send and receive data - no AT commands required
  • Link Labs low-power protocol stack manages module power states and advanced LTE-M features
  • 3.3 V power for battery-powered applications
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Built-in encryption wrapper and VPN for end-to-end security from device-to-cloud
  • Conductor Network and Device management platform

The LL-LTE-M-VZN-S offers both the benefit of being optimized for low-power applications, and the nationwide coverage, scalability, and security of Verizon's LTE cellular network.

The LL-LTE-M-VZN-S leverages Link Labs' extensive experience designing low-power IoT devices, and is ideal for battery-powered applications and 2G/3G device replacements.

How It Works

Customer Device

Additional Features

Customer Device

Integrate your custom sensor or control using our easy-to-use UART serial API. No knowledge of cellular communications or low level AT commands are needed - we take care of the hard stuff for you!

If you need additional assistance on hardware integration, battery chemistry, low-power host firmware, industrial design, regulatory requirements, or even business case analysis, our full-service and full stack professional services team is here to help you make your idea a reality.

LTE-M Modem

LTE-M Modem

LTE-M Modem

Dimensions 59mm x 46mm
Serial Data Interface UART
Chipset Link Labs / Sequans
Support Dev kit(s), sensor board(s)
Operating Temperature
(RF Compliant)
-30℃ - +60℃ (ambient) 
Storage/Operating Temperature  -40℃ - +85℃ (board) 
Operating Humidity  10% to 85% (non condensing) 
Max Transmit Power  23 dBm 
Receive Sensitivity  -103 dBM
Technology  LTE Cat-M1, 3GPP release 13 compliant 
Modulation  QPSK, 16QAM 
Supported LTE Bands*  B4 (AWS1700) / B13 (700) 
Security  Verizon VPN 
Data Rates  300 kbps DL/375 kbps UL in HD-FDD, and 1 Mbps in FD-FDD 
Supply Voltage  3.1-4.5 V  
Peak Transmit Current  560 mA
Receive Current  330 mA 
Idle Current / Sleep Mode  TBD 
Regulatory Approvals  FCC (2AAGMVZM20Q), IC 
Market   North America
Carrier Pre-Certification   Verizon

Verizon Tower and Network

Verizon Tower and Network

Verizon Tower and Network

Verizon Wireless offers world’s first (and currently only) nationwide commercial 4G LTE Category M1 (LTE-M or Cat-M1) network. Link Labs has been working closely with Verizon,  for over a year to bring this technology to market and was the first company to certify a Cat-M1 device. Verizon’s industry-leading cellular coverage, combined with the additional coverage afforded by the advanced LTE-M technology, offer customers deeper building penetration and wider coverage than any other cellular technology in history.

Read Verizon's Press Release

Conductor and Verizon Private Network

Conductor and Verizon Private Network

Conductor and Verizon Private Network

Conductor IoT Platform

Conductor is an enterprise-grade data and network management service for Symphony Link. It provides a highly scalable global data infrastructure that makes building a Symphony Link application as easy as connecting to an API. Conductor manages long-term database storage, downlink routing, roaming, sessions, certificates, PKI security infrastructure, and network infrastructure settings.

There is no cost to use Conductor when testing and prototyping. Once in production, it costs pennies a month for this world-class data and network management.

Verizon Private Network is a segregated private network that separates your data from public traffic and provides a direct connection to Conductor, allowing for end-to-end security.

Learn More

Customer UI and Analytics

Customer UI

Customer UI and Analytics

Integrate your existing UI or Analytics platform, or build something new using our open RESTful APIs. If you need additional assistance on backend integration, our professional services team can help you build your platform or outsource your development to quickly deliver your product to market.

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All devices are pre-provisioned on the Verizon network, and offer a full suite of security, network management, and device management tools in the Link Labs Conductor™ Platform.

Conductor allows users to add rules, access device usage information, create billing plans, and access many other features so users can focus on building their applications and not the pipes.

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Conductor IoT Platform


Ultra-Low Power

LTE PSM (Power Saving Mode) and eDRX (Extended Discontinuous Reception)* allow for long-lived battery-powered applications to effectively utilize cellular networks for the first time. Combined with Link Labs’ data compression and power-management features (and some creative circuit design), applications An LTE-M devices that transmits once per day in full PSM mode could last well over 10 years on relatively small primary batteries.

No Complex Carrier Negotiations

We’ve worked hard to make getting on the network easy for you. That means we’ve negotiated bulk data pricing and service-level agreements, procured the correct SIMs (which are different for Cat-M1), dealt with device activation and provisioning, and handled device re-certifications for you, and to give you a streamlined interface to monitor and your devices and centralize your billing. Contact us for more details on our service bundles or Conductor API.

Pilot LTE-M-Based Solutions in Under a Day

Paired with the LTE-M Sensor Suite, customers don't have to endure the months traditionally needed to build new connected devices. With an open source software library, example software projects for several different development platforms, developers and OEMs can quickly add LTE-M communications capabilities to their new and existing applications.

*Pending network availability


LPWA in an LTE-M and NB-IoT World


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