Link Labs Raises $5.7 million in Series A funding

Link Labs Raises $5.7 million in Series A funding
August 25, 2015 ­ Annapolis, MD

Provides for funding for additional technology development and to more aggressively market its IoT Network technologies

­Link Labs, a leading innovator in low­-power, wide­-area network (LPWAN) technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today that it has closed a $5.7 million funding round led by TCP Venture Capital, which included investment from the Maryland Venture Fund, Blu Venture investors, Inflection Point Partners, and individual and existing investors.

There are roughly 14 Billion devices connected to the Internet today and this number is expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020 according to The Gartner Group, Cisco and others. Strategy Analytics estimates that over 5 billion of these will be sensor based devices connected by LPWAN networks.

The company’s primary markets are industrial sensing and control, building management, smart agriculture, government and municipal applications, asset tracking, and the growing connectivity requirements of the Internet of Things.

Link Labs’ Symphony Link™ hardware and software platforms were designed for these new networks. Symphony Link™ allows wireless communication over longer range than traditional wireless and enables batteries to last 10+ years in many applications.

The line features a low and high power module, repeaters, an 8­-channel gateway (indoor and outdoor versions) as well as 24­ and 64-­channel base stations. The breadth of this product line allows developers to quickly bring long-­range communications to their devices and network operators to cost effectively cover cities and regions with a range of base stations and repeater technologies. These devices are FCC-certified for operation in the 915 MHz ISM band and ETSI­ compliant for use in the 868 MHz band in Europe and are capable of licensed or unlicensed deployment from 137 MHz­1020 MHz.

"The world we live in continues to become more and more connected. Link Labs' Symphony solution for connecting the Internet of Things is the next evolution for businesses to connect their products to the internet and beyond. TCP Venture Capital is excited to be part of the team to help grow Link Labs' business” said Christopher G. College, Managing Partner.

“Link Labs is quickly emerging as the leader in hardware and software systems for low-power, long-range communications. We were excited to provide the seed round for Link Labs last year and are proud to be a major part of the Series A round.” said Bob Proctor, Founding Member at Blu Venture Investors.

Brian Ray, CEO of Link Labs added, “This round marks an important milestone for us as we shift from system development, to accelerated deployment with our early customers. This gives us the capital to expand our distribution channel and open up additional international markets and new applications.”

About Link Labs
Link Labs is a leading innovator in low­-power, wide-­area network technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s patented Symphony Link™ technology provides secure, two-­way, low data rate, long range connectivity for Internet­-connected devices. Link Labs has customers around the world and powers a range of IoT applications across industries, including smart cities, agriculture, building controls, automotive, healthcare, government, defense, retail, and utilities. For additional information, visit­ or follow us at @LinkLabsInc.


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