LPRS Appointed by Link Labs to Distribute Leading LoRa based IoT Products

LPRS (Low Power Radio Solutions), worldwide radio specialists supplying robust wireless solutions where reliability is paramount, has been appointed by Link Labs to sell its market leading LoRa™ range of wireless modules and gateways.

Based outside Washington D.C., U.S.A., Link Labs has developed novel methods for communicating with multiple wireless devices at long range, and with low power consumption using the LoRa™ networking protocolLoRaWAN. This technology offers the ability to connect hundreds or even thousands of sensors and actuators over a wide area to a single gateway, thus providing a complete solution for end users to get their IoT (Internet of Things) products to market quickly.

System builders can simply and quickly bring long-range wireless communications to their own devices and efficiently cover suburbs, cities and geographical regions using a range of base stations and repeater technologies.

In addition, Link Labs’ proprietary Symphony Link protocol provides ancillary features that include over air upgrades, Quality of Service, multicasting and other features not currently available within LoRaWAN.
“LPRS have almost 30 years’ experience of delivering wireless communication solutions to our customers,” states Nick Pummell, Managing Director of LPRS.

“Link Labs’ commitment to the new long range LoRa™ based hardware and software solutions will allow us to deliver complete end-to-end solutions to our customers for their long range IoT applications.”

“We are excited to announce that our first major distribution agreement in Europe is with LPRS. They have the deep wireless systems knowledge and integration capabilities as well as world class service capabilities that our customers in Europe need,” said VP of Business Development and Marketing, Bryan M. Eagle III.

The comprehensive range of products offers a complete scope of high and low power RF transceiver modules, repeaters and indoor/ outdoor 8/24/64 channel gateways and base stations. The devices are capable of licensed or unlicensed deployment from 137 MHz -1020MHz with FCC certification for operation in the 915 MHz ISM band and ETSI certification for use in the 868 MHz band.

LPRS designs and manufactures the highly successful eRIC and easyRadio Advanced (eRA) wireless modules in the UK. LPRS product range now includes: Raspberry Pi and Arduino Shield wireless platforms, antennas, a wide range of sensor products, Circuit Design wireless products and the IQRF range of wireless mesh networking components for telemetry, industrial control and building automation.

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