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Onsite/In-Transit Asset Tracking and Monitoring

If you are looking to locate or monitor the status of assets that regularly move between facilities and need to know not only in which facility the assets are, but where those assets are while en-route between locations, Link Labs has several uniquely cost-effective and practical solutions available.

Broaden beyond tracking by integrating a variety of equipment and environmental monitoring sensors while keeping costs down.

To-date, most asset-tracking solutions are limited to either indoor or outdoor functionality by technology capabilities and cost. Meaning many current solutions are incomplete and reduce the potential ROI.

Link Labs has overcome this trade-off through a seamless architecture, leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy and cellular (including LTE-M) that enables tracking of equipment within a facility - down to 1-3 meter accuracy, as well as while on a moving vehicle between facilities - whether or not it is owned by a third-party.

While our cost-saving architecture not only accommodates but improves upon traditional long-range tracking technologies such as GPS, Wifi-based locationing, and cellular positioning, we are able to bring our unique ability to save on power and data consumption to offer Bluetooth Low Energy and Cellular access points into a mobile solution that increases the return on your asset tracking investments without sacrificing on accuracy.

Link Labs Delivers Onsite and Offsite Asset Tracking In Three Ways

By tagging assets with low-cost, Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacons, Link Labs’ BLE access points will locate those assets with 1-3 meter accuracy while onsite. To see more detail on this architecture, click here.

As assets are shipped offsite, there are two options

If the owner of the shipping vehicles is amenable, we affix and BLE-Cellular access point to the vehicle, which locates the shipment as well as the identification and quantity of assets on the vehicle until it arrives at the destination site, at which point it is registered by the BLE-Cellular access points at the destination.

Option 2

If affixing an access-point to the shipping vehicle is not an option, a small enhanced BLE-Cellular tag is placed with the shipment, thereby tracking the location of the shipment and the identification and number of assets with the shipment, without requiring a permanent location on the vehicle. Once the shipment arrives at the destination site, the assets are registered by the indoor AirFinder BLE access points at the recipient site, confirming their arrival, and the mobile access-point is removed to be used again with the next departing shipment.

Access Point Not An Option
The benefits of this architecture include:
  • A single technology and platform to track assets across multiple sites and in-transit.
  • Unlike GPS, location signals are received wherever cellular networks are available from within a shipping truck.
  • There is no need for integration of the access points into the shippers’ vehicles - although that option exists when access is provided by the shipper.
  • BLE asset tags are inexpensive and last for over a year.
  • Delivers a real-time view into all of your assets, across locations and on-the-move, wherever BLE access points reside.
  • Easy installation and maintenance. Does not require technical expertise.
  • Cellular, backhaul while en-route, compatible with ethernet, wifi, or cellular backhaul onsite - providing flexibility and the ability to bypass local customer networks.
  • Link Labs’ patented data optimization software keeps backhaul and data storage affordable.

For those looking for more traditional GPS or Wifi/Cellular positioning options, Link Labs is able to capture the benefits of our battery-life extending and data-optimizing technology using these technologies. See more here.
Asset Tracking and Monitoring in the IoT


Asset Tracking and Monitoring in the IoT

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