Open Source Resources Included in Our Solutions

GNU General Public License (common)
GNU Lesser General Public License (common)
GNU Library General Public License (common)
Modified BSD License (common)
Perl Artistic license (common)
Apache License
Expat/MIT-style licenses
zlib-style licenses
LaTeX Project Public License
Python Software Foundation License
Ruby's License
PHP License
W3C Software Notice and License
OpenSSL License
Sleepycat License
Common UNIX Printing System License Agreement
vhf Public License
"No problem Bugroff" license
Unmodified BSD License (also known as the original or 4-clause BSD license. It included an advertising requirement and is now deprecated even by the BSD project.)
public domain (not a license, strictly speaking)
IBM Public License Version 1.0
Cloud SW - Apache Kafka
Apache License 2.0

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