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We collected a list of trailer tracking questions we hear the most for your easy access!

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What is trailer tracking?

IoT trailer tracking is the process of using sensors and devices connected to the internet to monitor the location and condition of your trailers and other mobile assets.


How does trailer tracking work?

Trailer tracking typically involves placing a tracking device on each of your trailers, which sends location data to a cloud-based platform using GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular networks. Other sensors may also be used to track factors like temperature, humidity, and shock.


What are the benefits of trailer tracking?

Trailer tracking through Link Labs provides several benefits, including improved fleet visibility, increased asset utilization, better inventory management, reduced theft and loss, and more.


Why do I need asset tracking if I already have a telematics platform?

While telematics systems can provide valuable information about the location and status of vehicles, they do not provide detailed information about each individual asset. Asset tracking helps your business keep track of specific assets, such as trailers, pallets, or containers, as they move through the supply chain.


Can Link Labs’ solution connect to my telematics platform?

Yes. Our solution has the ability to connect to open API’s and MQTT streams.


What types of trailers can be tracked using IoT?

Any type of trailer can be tracked using IoT, including dry van trailers, refrigerated trailers, flatbed trailers, and more.


How accurate is trailer tracking?

The accuracy of trailer tracking depends on the quality of the device and the strength of the network. At Link Labs, we cater our solutions to give you the accuracy you need whether it be a dot on the map or a 100-meter range.


Can trailer tracking be used to monitor other factors besides location?

Absolutely, trailer tracking can also be used to monitor factors like temperature, humidity, shock, and more. This can help your business ensure that its assets are transported safely and securely.


What is the cost of implementing trailer tracking?

The cost of implementing trailer tracking varies depending on the specific devices and services used. Generally, your business can expect to pay a monthly fee per trailer for GPS tracking and other services.


What are some of the best practices for implementing trailer tracking?

Best practices for implementing trailer tracking include choosing a reliable tracking device and service provider. At Link Labs, our solution is easy to install and we are always willing to assist you with implementation.


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