AirFinder Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

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AirFinder uses affordable Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to tell you where your assets are at any time, including parts, equipment, supplies, and people. Unlike other location tracking systems that rely on UWB, passive RFID, or other more traditional approaches, AirFinder uses patented technology to reduce deployment times from months to days, and to lower costs by 50 to 90%.

Just-Right Precision™

Some folks say "the more the merrier." We say you can use as manyor as fewAirFinder location beacons as you need to get the job done. Need more precision? Just add more beacons.

Wave Goodbye to WiFi

The Symphony Link network—included with AirFinder—means a fully self-contained system that doesn't rely on existing wi-fi network, resulting in a sharply lower cost of ownership.

Industry-Leading Battery Life

AirFinder's patented battery technology shaves maintenance costs for our users by only activating when you want it to: while your assets are on the move, dramatically enhancing "heartbeat" life.

Yep, We've Got A Tag for That

Your needs are unique. Link Labs has a broad range of vetted, nonproprietary BLE tags to choose from so you can monitor and locate what matters most to your business and forget the rest.

Go Way Beyond a Barcode with AirFinder.


Use inexpensive, widely available, non-proprietary tags with the form factor that you need. Our patented approach enables a much longer battery life, with far lower data transmission needs.


AirFinder applies active RFID to monitor and locate. You'll know where your assets are and where they've been. This is the foundation for process improvement, LEAN, and Six Sigma initiatives.


AirFinder is a Real Time Location System (RTLS), which enables you to locate and monitor equipment, products, supplies, and people at 1/2 to 1/10 the cost of other systems, without WiFi and IT dependency.

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Selected AirFinder Use Cases



Get rock-solid industrial monitoring that doesn't break the bank.

Find equipment, supplies, parts, and people in minutes instead of hours. AirFinder tells you where things are, and where they've been.  This saves time, and provides a foundation for LEAN, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement initiatives.



Find equipment on-the-fly and ace your next audit.

Perhaps the most advanced real-time locations system (RTLS) use cases lie in healthcare. AirFinder has created immense opportunity for hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes to track assets and personnel, manage legal compliance, and handle inventory management with ease.



Peace of mind for guests. Safety for staff.

Securing a hotel is tough business. AirFinder is proud to provide housekeepers and other staff with small, easily concealed panic buttons that send a distress signal, and room and floor level location if they're ever un-comfortable, or their safety is compromised.

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