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Track your high-value assets affordably, wherever they go with the AirFinder SuperTag.

 The AirFinder SuperTag leverages both indoor positioning technology and outdoor location tracking in one, long-lasting asset tracking tag to give you real-time intelligence about your most important assets.

The Next Frontier in Asset Tracking

The AirFinder SuperTag blends the best location technologies to give you incredibly accurate asset intelligence whether your assets are indoors or outside. Now you can skip the tracking tradeoff and get it all (and more).

Highly Configurable and Uber Flexible

Want it to broadcast location more often? It can. Want it to prioritize a WiFi network as the preferred location technology instead of GPS? It can do that, too. And if you have no cell coverage, you can access the AirFinder network.

Batteries that Last and Last

Unlike traditional GPS trackers, the SuperTag sips, rather than gulps power. You can even configure each device to provide updates more or less often to leverage or conserve battery life as you see fit, putting you in control.

Monitors Asset Condition, Too

The AirFinder SuperTag also gives you the power to monitor more sensitive requirements of your mission-critical assets. With add-on capabilities to detect shock, humidity, pressure and more, it's a truly flexible IoT monitoring system. 

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How The AirFinder SuperTag Works

Locate and Monitor the Assets that Matter Most

Our engineers have come up with just the right combination of cutting-edge positioning and monitoring technologies, capable of remotely transmitting location and condition intelligence in real-time.

Track High-Value Assets Anytime, Anywhere

The AirFinder SuperTag automatically selects the ideal location technologies based on current conditions and position to give you complete visibility. Not only will you know where your assets are, you’ll know where they’ve been, too.

Geofence-Based Alerts and Workflows

You can even create geofences that trigger alerts when assets are entering or exiting a specific area, wherever you need them most - whether that’s within your facilities or close to your customers.

Selected AirFinder User Cases



Get rock-solid industrial monitoring that doesn't break the bank.

Find equipment, supplies, parts, and people in minutes instead of hours. AirFinder tells you where things are, and where they've been.  This saves time, and provides a foundation for LEAN, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement initiatives.



Find equipment on-the-fly and ace your next audit.

Perhaps the most advanced real-time locations system (RTLS) use cases lie in healthcare. AirFinder has created immense opportunity for hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes to track assets and personnel, manage legal compliance, and handle inventory management with ease.



Peace of mind for guests. Safety for staff.

Securing a hotel is tough business. AirFinder is proud to provide housekeepers and other staff with small, easily concealed panic buttons that send a distress signal, and room and floor level location if they're ever un-comfortable, or their safety is compromised.

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