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Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Tracking:
It’s Here… Finally!

Listen as we discuss how to leverage the latest and greatest technologies for seamlessly tracking anything, anywhere.

Totally Seamless, Highly Affordable Indoor/Outdoor Asset Intelligence

In this webinar, Link Labs will compare the various technical approaches available today for addressing asset tracking challenges.  We’ll also introduce our solution to these problems, the AirFinder SuperTagTM which solves these problems by combining the low-power performance of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for indoor location tracking with the cutting-edge capabilities of LTE-M1 for outdoor and in-transit tracking and monitoring.  What's more, the SuperTag also utilizes an architecturally flexible approach to fill the gaps of cellular network coverage. 

The SuperTag offers:

  • Seamless indoor/outdoor asset tracking—anything, anywhere
  • Multiple built-in location technologies to dynamically eliminate gaps in network coverage
  • Long-battery life, 1-10 years based on use cases
  • High indoor location accuracy—under 1 meter
  • Works out-of-the-box, delivering an immediate ROI


Presented By:
Bob Proctor
Link Labs
Dominic Marcellino
Product Manager
Link Labs

SuperTag Overview

Organizations that maintain large fleets of assets that move between indoors, outdoor yards, and customer sites face deep challenges maintaining asset location visibility. The AirFinder SuperTag helps overcome obstacles around:

  • Improve Utilization
  • Inform Digital Twins
  • Enable ML and AI Applications with location data
  • Digitize Loss Prevention
  • Lease Management
  • Organizational Accountability
  • Automated Compliance
  • Audit and Property Tax Readiness

SuperTag Solves Difficult Asset Tracking Problems

Poor Indoor Location Capability
GPS simply doesn't work indoors.  And the reality is, most “things” businesses want to track are often stored, used, or located indoors.  The list of assets is that move indoors and out is endless—from finished goods, to bikes, to tools, to speciality racks and totes for shipping.  While GPS fails indoors, other indoor location technologies – like passive RFID, UWB, WiFi – have vey expensive infrastructure and little to no outdoor/in-transit capabilities.

Lack of Network Coverage
Cellular networks have been continuously optimized for consumers streaming videos and data, not for the small but critical data streams required for business and industrial IoT use cases.  Reliable network coverage rarely exists in the corners of factories, warehouses, distribution centers, refineries, and the like. Yet that's exactly where things need to be tracked and monitored.