Effective work in process tracking is the cornerstone of successful project management in your manufacturing operations. WIP tracking allows teams to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and ensure timely completion of each individual daily task. However, as business environments evolve, traditional WIP tracking methods may no longer meet the demands of your organization. To optimize productivity and streamline your project management approach, it is crucial that you revamp your WIP tracking plan. In this comprehensive blog, we will explore five innovative ways to completely revamp your WIP tracking plan and propel your team towards the next level of success.

Embrace Digital Solutions

In the digital era, a manual WIP tracker can be time-consuming, error-prone, and lack real-time visibility, especially compared to other easily accessible solutions on the market. Embracing digital solutions is a game changer for your manufacturing operations. By investing in a robust project management software, your company will be provided with comprehensive process tracking software features for manufacturing. These tools allow you to create and assign tasks, monitor progress, and track work in process in real time. With centralized project information and automated tracking processes, you can streamline operations, improve collaboration, and make data-driven decisions. 

Link Labs’ AirFinder OnSite digital solution can be used as a WIP tracking software. This solution operates by attaching a puck tag to each set of parts to maintain location visibility as they make their way through your manufacturing plant. It also provides your company with the ability to split the facility into several virtually-designated zones allowing plant managers to request detailed reports about WIP’s progression through the manufacturing process. These reports  can range from location to length of time in each zone. This data helps you go beyond locating missing parts, providing an efficient method for identifying bottlenecks in your manufacturing process.


Increase Your ROI by Investing in AirFinder OnSite

  • Low Cost. AirFinder OnSite XLE is a fraction of the cost of competitors' pricing.
  • Long Battery Life. XLE lasts up to 7 years with hundreds of location updates daily.
  • Increased Efficiency. Spend less time looking for assets, and more time being productive.


Implement Agile Project Management Strategies

Agile project management strategies have gained immense popularity due to their flexibility and adaptability. These methods emphasize iterative development, regular feedback, and continuous improvement. By implementing agile practices, your company can enhance your entire WIP tracking plan by helping you break down your processes into their component parts. This enables you to visualize individual work items, monitor their progress, and identify bottlenecks. Agile methods also encourage shorter development cycles, allowing you to track work in process more frequently and make timely adjustments based on current data.

Set Clear Priorities and Define Work Stages

A well-defined priority system and clear work stages are both crucial for your company to enhance the effectiveness of your manufacturing tracking system and WIP tracking plan. Assigning priority levels to tasks helps your team focus on critical activities and reduces time spent on less important ones. When setting priorities, consider the project's objectives, deadlines, and dependencies. Identify the most critical tasks that directly contribute to the project's success and assign them higher priority levels. Clearly communicate the priority system to your team, ensuring that everyone understands the importance of their assigned tasks. Once all of your employees are on board, you can then begin to regularly review and adjust priorities as needed, taking into account any changes in project requirements or business priorities.

Additionally, breaking down projects into manageable stages allows you to track progress more granularly. As previously mentioned, the use of project management methodologies can help your company define and track these work stages. This approach enhances visibility, promotes accountability, and facilitates accurate WIP estimation.

Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

To revamp your WIP tracking plan, one of the most important aspects is to establish relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your projects. KPIs provide measurable objectives that align with your business goals and enable you to track progress effectively. For instance, you can set KPIs such as average cycle time, on-time delivery rate, or backlog size. Regularly monitor and analyze these metrics to identify areas of improvement, assess team performance, and optimize your WIP tracking. KPIs provide valuable insights into your project's health and enable your operations to make data-driven decisions. By leveraging KPIs in your manufacturing process, you can drive continuous improvement and ensure successful project delivery.

Foster Open Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are the pillars of a successful WIP tracking system. By encouraging open communication channels within your team, you will enable team members to share progress updates, concerns, and request assistance. Collaboration tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams will help your team streamline communication and remain informed. By adding all of these tips to your environment, as a manager, you are developing a culture of transparency and accountability that helps your team understand the significance of WIP tracking and actively participate in the process. By facilitating collaboration, your company will have the capability to identify and resolve issues promptly, leading to smoother workflows and improved WIP management. 


Revamping your WIP tracking plan is essential for optimizing productivity, meeting deadlines, and delivering successful projects. By embracing digital solutions, implementing project management practices, setting clear priorities, establishing KPIs, and fostering open communication, your company can transform your WIP tracking process. Remember, effective WIP tracking is not just about tracking all of your tasks, it is about driving continuous improvement for long-term success. Book a demo with Link Labs to learn how we can help you utilize these tools for success.

5 Ways to Completely Revamp Your WIP Tracking Plan

Written by Carson W. Garner

Carson W. Garner is a proactive business development and marketing professional with the goal of turning opportunities into sales. At Link Labs, Carson is heavily involved with project management, sales, customer success, and he hosts Link Labs' podcast Get Linked. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing, Carson brings creativity, vision, organization, and dedication to the Link Labs team.

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