Supply chain intricacies are the fulcrum of success, and supply chain management is its compass. At the heart of this complexity is the need for seamless coordination among suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers, and retailers in order to guarantee that a product shows up at the right place at the right time and in the right condition. This orchestration can be likened to a symphony, where each component, no matter how small, plays a pivotal role in the harmony of operations.


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Most people automatically think of trailer tracking, but cargo tracking is also an extremely important part of supply chain management. This form of tracking ensures the safe and timely passage of goods by monitoring them on the product level. It involves the monitoring of shipments from inception to delivery, providing real-time visibility into their location and condition. This not only mitigates the risk of loss but also enhances operational efficiency.

These 7 resources dive into the intricacies of managing your supply chain on the product level. Read on to learn more about how cargo tracking is an integral part of any supply chain management plan and how robust trailer tracking systems can account for cargo on the product-level.

Blog – The Role of Cargo Tracking in Supply Chain Management

There are many stages in supply chain management, and many processes enlisted in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of that management. Cargo tracking, which details the tracking of products being transported from one place to another, is one of these integral processes. Arguably, this is one of the most important processes, as the ultimate goal of supply chain management is to ensure that products reach their intended destination on time and in good condition. We take a closer look at this process in our blog, “The Role of Cargo Tracking in Supply Chain Management.”

The blog post goes on to detail the main facets of supply chain management, as well as how they relate to cargo tracking. We discuss how cargo tracking relates to standard trailer tracking, including how these processes both reinforce the goals of the other. To wrap it up, we introduce the different technologies available for tracking cargo and provide an overview of our own AirFinder solution for supply chain management.

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Blog – What's In My Trailer? The Benefits of Container Tracking

Do you know what’s in your trailer? It’s important to remain apprised of what’s being transported at any given time. That way, you can properly prevent loss and theft, meet product-specific compliance regulations, hold your team accountable for their own work, and maintain an open, transparent relationship with your customers. We highlight the importance of knowing what’s in your trailer in our blog, “What's In My Trailer? The Benefits of Container Tracking.”

This informative reading discusses the goals of container tracking, the benefits effective tracking provides, and common methods for gaining visibility of containers and the assets they contain. We then delve into the options that we provide through our AirFinder Everywhere product, an asset tracking system that accounts for container tracking, trailer tracking, and beyond with the goal of helping you decide if it’s the right solution for your needs.

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Infographic – Surround Your Truck (and Its Assets!)

Trailer trackers are important devices for surrounding your truck and providing complete visibility and control over your trucking and logistics operations. However, the most effective trailer tracking systems that produce the most useful location and condition data are those that also track the assets that travel with your trailers. From products and pallets to tools and beyond, our “Surround Your Truck (and Its Assets!)” infographic dissects the anatomy of a quality trailer tracking solution.

This visually striking infographic presents a graphic representation of all the important assets that travel with your trailers. It discusses the benefits of tracking each of these assets and the risks associated with not having proper visibility before outlining Link Labs’ solution for effectively tracking not only trailers, but all the critical assets that they contain.

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Use Case Brief – Cargo Tracking

Cargo is at the core of logistics and trucking operations. The success of a company is largely dependent upon whether they can successfully deliver products to an established destination in a timely, reliable manner without damaging the cargo in the process. That’s why it’s important to retain complete control and visibility over the location and condition of the cargo being delivered, not just the trailer it’s on or the truck it’s traveling with. Our “Cargo Tracking” use case brief provides insight into how our AirFinder Everywhere solution can help achieve this goal.

This informative brief outlines the importance of cargo tracking and knowing how your cargo is doing in real time. It then outlines the benefits of using an RTLS solution for cargo tracking and presents the different types of cargo that can be tracked with this method. At the end, it provides an example of how a company without cargo tracking might struggle with ensuring the correct cargo is on the correct trailer before illustrating how Link Labs provides a solution.

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White Paper – Beyond the Trailer: How the Best Trailer Tracking Solutions Track Individual Assets

The more assets that a given solution can provide accurate location and condition data for, the more benefits your trucking and logistics operations will reap from implementing that solution. All trailer tracking solutions share the ability to account for the location of the trailer as the whole, regardless of whether it’s hooked up to a running truck. However, some solutions also provide granular location and condition data concerning the specific portable assets that the trailer contains, usually products, pallets, or equipment. In our “Beyond the Trailer: How the Best Trailer Tracking Solutions Track Individual Assets,” we hone in on the goals of tracking these goods both in conjunction with and independently of the trailers transporting them.

This white paper takes a deep dive into how tracking individual assets can bolster the effectiveness of your overall trailer tracking strategy. It starts by discussing the different assets that any given trailer tracking solution may or may not provide visibility for, before detailing the importance of tracking products and equipment specifically. It discusses the benefits of tracking these portable assets, then provides detailed step-by-step instructions outlining how Link Labs’ AirFinder Everywhere solution can be used to address your needs.

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Case Study – Bolstering Reputation and Reliability with Cargo Tracking

Reputation is the currency of the professional world. If your company has a good reputation, it can retain and retain customers who are happy to discuss their positive experiences. If your company has a bad reputation, however, it risks losing customers who will then discuss their bad experiences and discourage others from employing your company. That’s why it’s important to have complete control over your daily operations, allowing you to ensure that you’re delivering a quality service. We take a deeper look at how effective cargo tracking can contribute to a positive reputation in our “Bolstering Reputation and Reliability with Cargo Tracking” case study.

This case study takes a look at a company that was consistently struggling to deliver products to the correct destination, causing a reputation for unreliable deliveries among their customers. It delves into the lack of accountability and visibility at the root of the problem before revealing how Link Labs’ AirFinder Everywhere system can be used to address the challenge and help the company build a reputation of reliability and open communication.

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Track Your Trailers and Your Cargo with Link Labs

Link Lab’s AirFinder Everywhere trailer tracking solution is designed to account for not only the location of your trailers, but also to provide visibility into the assets that they contain. With our solution, you gain full control and visibility over the location and condition of specific assets, both cargo and equipment. We help you ensure that the products you deliver get where they need to go on the first try and that you always have the tools you need to load, unload, and deal with challenges along the way. To learn more about how our trailer tracking solution helps you track all your portable assets, book a demo with our experts today!

Telematics vs. Trailer Tracking: Which Should You Use for Supply Chain Data Analytics?

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