Interested in seeing what all the hype is about relating to seamless indoor/outdoor tracking? Link Labs is now offering an AirFinder SuperTag Pro Evaluation Kit on Amazon so you can see and believe for yourself.  

This kit enables you to test the technology in a low-risk way and see how it works to meet your business needs.  The kit includes:

  • (4) AirFinder SuperTag Pro tags
  • (4) indoor, battery-powered location beacons
  • (1) AirFinder SuperTag mounting bracket
  • Batteries and other necessary mounting hardware
  • Free 90-day web app trial (includes cellular data usage)

This powerful indoor/outdoor asset tracking device transfers seamlessly between indoor tracking and outdoor tracking.  Once your kit arrives, you can set it up from your phone or computer in about 10 minutes, to provide GPS tracking with unparalleled battery life.

You can attach an AirFinder SuperTag to nearly any valuable asset you want to track.  What’s more, depending on how you’d like to balance precision and battery life, you can use the default settings or choose the order of preference for each the AirFinder SuperTag location technologies, including:

  • GPS
  • Cell ID
  • WiFi lookup 

Plus, you can choose how often each device updates its location in our easy-to-use asset tracking software.  

And if you need indoor tracking as well, simply add a floor plan to your AirFinder web app and turn on the included location beacons.  The AirFinder SuperTag automatically converts to indoor location-sensing when it “hears” those beacons to track asset location within your factory, warehouse, office complex, or even your home.  Then, when the AirFinder SuperTag asset tracking device leaves that area, it automatically recognizes (and can send you an alert) and converts to the outdoor tracking.

The SuperTag Evaluation Kit is a great way to test how these tracking systems can help you reduce costs and protect whatever matters most to your business.  

Ready to try it out? Purchase your Evaluation Kit here.

Philip Bender

Written by Philip Bender

Philip Bender is a data analytics leader with a specialty in data integration, business intelligence, and applied statistics. He has over 15+ years of experience with proven success in designing, building, and delivering syndicated and customized data analytics solutions to meet and exceed client needs within multiple industries. He has expertise in advising clients on complex and critical business issues such as understanding consumers, prioritizing market opportunities, and acquiring and retaining customers. Prior to Philip’s current role at Link Labs, he worked in various fields under roles such as Senior Analytics Consultant and Director of Analytics, Applied Statistics, and Product Innovation. Philip has an educational background in political science and mathematics, where he fulfilled his studies at the University of Notre Dame.

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