Are you attending the WSACA Washington State Elections Conference? If so, you are probably looking for solutions that can help improve election processes in your county.

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Election season is a highly eventful time throughout the U.S. The involvement of technology can be a great aid as counties look to provide more transparency. With the topic of election integrity constantly coming up, how can solutions like asset tracking help with today’s elections?

What Can Asset Tracking Do for the Elections Industry?

Recent elections have caused more people to ask questions about integrity during the voting process and it has resulted in counties looking for solutions that can give voters ease of mind during election time. In a world where the use of technology is becoming the norm, it is time for advancement. More proof is required in an industry where people constantly fact-check. Antiquated methods of monitoring elections equipment will no longer suffice. 

Asset tracking and monitoring has proven to be very useful in various industries. The solution’s value can also be seen in the elections industry. Whether tracking judge boxes, absentee ballot boxes, or A-frame signs, AirFinder can make tracking critical election equipment easier. With an RTLS, you and your team can find the exact location of your equipment within minutes. For more information on how AirFinder can help election boards, check out this free resource asset tracking solutions for elections!

Visit Our Booth at WSACA Washington State Elections Conference!

We are excited to be at this year’s WSACA Washington State Elections Conference. The implementation of technology in the election industry will continue to rise, and asset tracking can play a role in making sure that transparency is evident in future elections. Visit us during the conference at booth #12 and visit Link Labs expert, Benjamin Webb, to learn more about how AirFinder and election boards can benefit from the Link Labs AirFinder solution.  To learn more about AirFinder today, talk to us or book a demo!

Written by EJ Dela Paz

EJ Dela Paz, MBA is a Marketing Specialist at Link Labs and has been with the company since 2021. His primary focus in marketing is website development and creating content that revolves around IoT in the Healthcare industry. Prior to starting his career at Link Labs, he attended Pensacola Christian College where he got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management as well as an MBA in Business Administration.

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