With more and more people questioning the integrity of the voting process, today’s elections need more transparency and accountability than ever before. Tracking and monitoring equipment such as judge boxes, poll books, printers, ballot boxes, scanners, voting machines, and more is a necessary step for building trust with American voters. Counties all over the U.S. are looking for asset tracking systems that can provide real-time and historical location data for election equipment. So, how exactly can election boards help create better election integrity with an asset tracking system? Let’s take a look at two types of tracking systems that can help counties become more transparent and accountable.

Indoor Equipment Tracking System for Elections

Regardless of county size, everyone needs help tracking the equipment used during election season. Whether you store your equipment in a county courthouse or a warehouse offsite, an indoor equipment tracking system can provide the visibility you need.

Here are some ways an indoor equipment tracking system can help users better manage election materials in a warehouse or courthouse:

  1. Maintenance - Equipment needs to be checked and inspected during the off-season.
  2. Election Audits – Sometimes, machines break down or malfunction. It is necessary to inspect or even replace equipment as soon as it gets back to the warehouse.
  3. Check-In - Some counties have +10,000 pieces of voting equipment and other poll booth items. The task of scanning each piece of equipment is less daunting with the right system in place.

These are just a few benefits that election boards will have access to with the use of an asset tracking system.  Locating election and voting equipment in real time can streamline and simplify processes during an election.

Election Equipment Tracking Wherever You Need

Most counties have realized that tracking high-valued assets within a county during the voting season is one of the most important factors in the voting process.  Knowing real-time location data of election equipment, such as ballot boxes, is invaluable especially during this heightened time of election fraud claims. Additionally, because the needs of each county are different, each needs a solution specific to their needs. 

Here are some ways counties can use an asset tracking system outside the warehouse and voting centers:

  1. Judge Boxes – Judges that take these boxes to their house a few weeks before an election need to provide accountability of the materials within it.
  2. Absentee Ballot Boxes  These highly expensive boxes can be left behind or stolen at polling stations.  It’s critical to know their location for this reason and to more importantly ensure whether or not they are checked into a counting facility.
  3. A-frame signs – These signs have gone missing from polling locations year after year.  As they are not cheap to replace, knowing where they are can help mitigate theft.

Being able to track election equipment in transit to its final destination is a huge way to ensure greater election integrity.

Which System is Right for You?

Most asset tracking providers charge their customers an annual subscription for using their system. However, most counties only need their equipment tracked 2-4 months out of the year depending on election timing. Either way, election boards are not interested in paying subscription costs during the off-season.

At Link Labs, we completely understand the situation and have tailored our pricing accordingly. But we also know that election dates are subject to change, and recall elections are unpredictable. Since election boards do not always know upfront how long they will be using an asset tracking system, we offer an annual subscription at a significant discount compared to other providers. Your county only has to pay for three months of service but has the flexibility to use the platform all year. 

Link Labs offers two election equipment tracking solutions: AirFinder OnSite for indoor needs and AirFinder Everywhere for outdoor to indoor needs.  Both options provide an end-to-end solution to include all of the hardware and software needed to ensure better election integrity.

Wrapping it Up

Deciding on the best system for your county depends on your use case(s). Perhaps your county needs both indoor and outdoor asset tracking. If you would like more information on how Link Labs can help with your election equipment tracking needs, book a demo today.


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