Pack Expo East is one of the biggest in-person events of the year for companies in both packaging and processing industries. According to the event’s statistics tracker, this year will be the largest in history. Pack Expo East is known to have attendees from various industries such as food & beverage, life sciences, and cosmetics/personal care with roles such as manufacturers, managers, and engineers. Other attendees include technology companies focused on providing solutions that enable greater operational efficiency for packaging processes.

Companies such as Link Labs are helping workplaces enable greater efficiency through the use of Real Time Location System (RTLS) solutions.  Let’s take a look at what RTLS solutions are and how they can help companies attending Pack Expo East 2022.

What Are Real Time Location System (RTLS) Solutions?

Real Time Location System (RTLS) solutions are composed of a network of hardware and software used to assist companies with the automated tracking and monitoring of objects or people in real time. This technology is beneficial for companies that are looking to improve a variety of workplace processes including equipment and tool tracking, compliance, quality assurance, and more. Industries such as warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing are finding RTLS use cases in their workplaces highly beneficial as it enables them to minimize production downtime and identify equipment utilization.


Discover Link Labs RTLS at Booth #407

Link Labs is excited to be a part of this year’s event as an exhibitor. At our booth, we will be showcasing our AirFinder solution; a cutting-edge Real Time Location System (RTLS) that assists companies with asset tracking and monitoring. How does this help with packaging and processing? Asset tracking can increase efficiency, decrease workloads, and reduce loss.

AirFinder uses affordable Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to provide real-time reports on where assets (parts, equipment, supplies, and people) are located in real time. In addition, it takes away the worry of tracking efficiencies as AirFinder can find your assets whether they are indoors, outdoors, or on-the-road

Are you interested in an RTLS solution for your company? Visit booth #407 at Pack Expo East, where you can meet Link Labs experts and get a $10 Amazon gift card when you complete a ten-minute demo! We look forward to seeing you there.

Written by Bob Proctor

Dr. Robert Proctor joined Link Labs as CEO in April 2016. He was a founding investor and advisor to the company from the beginning. Prior to Link Labs, Bob was the Co-Founder of Blu Venture Investors and CEO, Board Director and Investor of FlexEl, LLC. He is the Co-founder, Board Chairman, and Investor of Wiser Together, Inc. and Phase 5 Group, Inc. Bob served as Global Head of Marketing reporting to Chairman and CEO of Corporate Executive Board. He has decades of Senior Executive experience in public companies, including line, staff, and IPO leadership positions. Bob led teams that won corporate-wide awards for Best Business Breakthrough, Managerial Excellence, and Spirit of Generosity. Bob also served as an associate Principal McKinsey & Company, Inc. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Cornell University.

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